Thursday, December 30

Phuture Needs More Fire Exits

Man, the turnout at Zouk last night was massive. Guess you wouldn't expect anything less for the last Mambo Night of the year. Thanks for the drinks Evan, it's on me next time! The whole world was there man. Jem, Jerald, Wenz, Twohill, Alex, Shuying, Vanessa, Chun Kiat, Nydia, Elaine, Tim, Yik Lay, Justin, Shaun Yoon, Shaun T, Lionel Kong, Malcolm... you get the point. The whole world was there, and possibly even more.

Joined Sarah, Audrey, Danny, Mark, Li Chuan and Ellie for the regular KTV session before heading off to Zouk to meet the guys. Audrey made it clear that it was an ENGLISH ONLY KTV session. Haha. Was a good warm up for the night's pushing and shoving haha.

I wouldn't have enjoyed myself if it weren't for the company I went with, so thx guys.

I don't remember saying some of the stuff you guys said I did. Hope I didn't offend anyone. Crap. Was probably Mr. Jack Daniels talking.