Saturday, October 22

Ohio Go-Zai-Masu!

We're going to Cedar Point next Summer! Woohoo! Carol, Debbie, Ambrose, Esmondo and muah! Talk about the coolest OG outing ever! Yeah baby! Haha! Ok at least half of us are going. =/ I'll be doing games, so that means I'll be conducting game shows and giving out prizes throughout the park. It could change when we get there though, and I'm prepared to do some menial work, but the prospect of earning in US dollars and all the travelling we're going to do on the US East coast is just very exciting. Somebody say New York, New York!

Hopefully nothing crops up from May to July next year. 3 whole months! That's like BMT sia!

Anyways, this week has been ultra productive, and full of surprises. The Bull Run was such a blast. So comical seeing all the office workers running 3.2km in their shirt, ties, and some even running in their blazers! Potential for heat exhaustion I say! The SMU Run Team wanted to wear shirts, but Office of Student Life insisted that we wear the "We love SMU" t-shirt and tie instead. Oh well. Free t-shirt. Can’t complain.

Thought I could give some of the old guys a run for the money. Alas, managed to come in 6th or 7th, which isn’t too bad. Ah well, at least I managed to hit my target of 11 mins. Jane managed to come in 2nd! You go girl!

The Sports Fiesta on Friday was pretty funky. Floorball, futsal, basketball, mini-tennis, rock climbing, running the mile, golf, ice-skating?! More like wax skating actually, since it was skating on wax boards with ice skates, pretty novel idea! There was this amazing race thing, organized by the SMU Travel Club, where the winning team got FOUR return tickets to TOKYO! Holy smokes! Would have gone if I didn’t have the Bull Run. Where do we get all these lobangs?!

Back to the books. The rest of this term is going to fly by. It’ll be Christmas in no time. =)