Friday, August 27

I should have told them I had the problem for a week.

Went to NUH to get the chalazion (pimple in yer eye) removed, cos the Medical officer in OCS didn't have the proper equipment to perform an incision. So i was refered to NUH to get it done yesterday afternoon.

I went through the whole check up procedure, only to be given the SAME medicine that the doctor in OCS had given me! Sheesh! They said since I've only had it for 2-3 days it's deemed not serious yet. They'll usually do it if a week has passed and it's still there. WHAT THE! I wonder if it has to do with the fact that I don't pay anything for the checkup. SAF does since they refered me there. Sigh. It's pretty annoying cos' my vision is kinda blocked by this weird growth coming out of my eyelids.

After drums at Plaza Sing, I popped by Times to browse through books. Bought the paperback version of THE DA VINCI CODE. Everyone seems to be reading it. Bought it to se what all the hype's about. And I must say, from the first few chapters, I'm hooked! About a mysterious murder and links to cults and how it's linked to an ancient secret society which Da Vinci was in. Interesting stuff. Someone told me Jesus comes into the picture later, but I'm not sure how. Oh well, READ ON!

Eugene, Zeng Jia, KeZ and I are planning some overnight cycling thing sometime next week. Probably start from East Coast, ride up to Changi, back down to Orchard and back to ECP again. That's the plan drawn up by Eug! haha. Hope all these plans materialise. Dunno if can take leave next Friday or not.