Monday, August 9


A very happy National Day to one and all. And as much as I enjoyed the National Day parade from the comfort of John's living room, the highlight of the night had to be the first episode of Singapore Idol! Haha... Already, there are a few instant celebrities... Can anyone say...Lemon Tree? weird what some people will do for their 15s of fame. how bout the eyebrow plucker who stripped down to hi underwear just for publicity? IT'S SHAMELESS! IT'S ENTERTAINMENT!

Check out his website!

HAHA...good stuff.

Basketball with John and gang in e morning. Then joined Terence and Vince for street soccer in the afternoon. It was scorching! I'm pretty sunburnt right now. During lunch I popped by Queensway to buy a pair of nike shades. Is $240 too ex? Ha. It came with lenses for day and night cycling. Usually when you cycle fast, the wind and all sorts of weird stuff gets in your eye. I always end up with sore eyes and wake up with a lot of "mak sai" in my eye the next morning! Hence, the need for eye protection. Well, I dun splurge on myself very often, so that justifies my purchase!

It was great to see Shu on Saturday. Miss ya lots bab...err, hunk.

Legs still very sore from Saturday morning's 22km run. Even more so with all the sports today...but it was fun! Heh... Driving Test in 3 DAYS! ARGH!

Most irritating song of all time: Ninja (Ren Ze) by Jay Chou. WHO COMPOSES THIS CRAP?!