Sunday, August 1

Thank you God!

The True Heart's event on Saturday went very smoothly, and I got to meet Ms Elim Chew. She's the founder and managing director of 77th street. Such a dynamic lady! She related to us how she actually started out as a hairdresser after studying hairdressing in London. She brought back some cool bracelets back to S'pore, and her clients paid her lots for it. And thats how her business started out. Now she's got at least 10 shops in S'pore, and she's expanding to China! Amazing stuff. More importantly, she challenged all of us to seize the opportunities around us and urge us to always over-deliver in whatever we do.

Strangely, she said that I looked familiar. Well...I am quite a common face i guess. Heh. She even encouraged Kezheng and I to start some events company, with me being the MC and Kez as the manager! haha. Apparently, you can make quite a lot for just one night of MCing. a 1000 a night if you're good!

For today, I had Bible study in True Way, after service in Adam Rd. Yee Lin asked if I could help out for the YZ camp in December and I said I would! It's time I gave something back...

Soccer at S'pore Poly in the late afternoon. The rain caused play to be disrupted in the 2nd half, so the match ended 2-1 in the other side's favour...but as some of our optimistic guys said, " Well at least we won the 2nd half 1-0!" Haha. nice. We could have played more if the referee wasn't late! Sheesh.

Back to work tomorrow. This weekend was truly meaningful. =)