Monday, July 26

It's Sunday night and this entry's coming from my office.

Alpha just had their commissioning parade just a few hours ago. Since it ended pretty late, I decided to stay in office to avoid the morning rush later. Cycled to work in the morning, so I decided to pay Corinne a visit in her hall just now. Took the Pasir Laba Bridge. Upon making my way back, from NTU, imagine my horror when I found that the gate I passed through earlier was locked! So I had to made one HUGE detour down Jurong West and back up to OCS again. Super irritating considering that all that seperates NTU and OCS is the expressway, and there's no way I can cross the expressway with my bike.

Thank God my cousin John gave me directions when I called him up. He's a student there. Anyway, my unexpected late night exercise session turned out to be quite enjoyable. Riding on the roads where there are no cars, just cruising down the avenue without having to stop.

Corinne and I had a good chat... She seems to adapting just fine, if not for the cheena environment and some despo guys staying in her hall. No doubt the product of being deprived during their 2 years in NS. I'm quite certain staying away from home will make her mature a lot faster. And I hope she finds out more about herself this way. Sigh. Thx for the chat Reen. It's weird that I can see your room from my office. So near, yet...

Don't worry, my binoculars can't zoom in that far. Heh.