Sunday, July 25

It was sweet to sleep in today. =)

My day started at 11am. Had to meet Kezheng at Plaza Sing. The True Hearts Connection Ceremony is next week so today was a technical run. When Kez asked me if I could MC the function I told him I would love to! Kezheng is such a capable guy man. His organisational and people skills never cease to amaze out for him...future Chairman of PSA. Ha!

Anyway the True Hearts Connection is this organisation that ties up with the Interact Clubs in schools. They have this mentoring system where JC students mentor younger students from less priviledged homes, to befriend, tutor and encourage them. Next Saturday's ceremony is sorta the "handing over ceremony" from the J2s to the J1s.

Had Bible study with John, En Xiang, Terence, Nat and Weiliang in the evening. Was quite fruitful I felt. Weiliang was sharing how his friends didn't like Christians as some would try to force the Word down your throat. Aggresive evangelism. It's a pity that Wei's friends are so resistant now because of the actions of others.

Went over to Daffy's place at arnd 9pm. Was great to see the s06 gang there. Sigh. I always reminisce about the wonderful first few months, not that the rest of the 2 years were lousy, but it felt good being a J1 didn't it? When it seemed as if the A levels were still ages away. By December, everyone was slogging away. On hindsight, was all that stress really necessary? ugh...Screw you Cambridge!

Daffy's leaving in 2 wks time. To visit Fletcher in the States. Heh, Bon Voyage Daph! Dun forget to write! Lucky lovebirds. = )