Wednesday, August 4

My legs feel like jelly.

This morning's 15km run was excruciating...sometimes I really wonder why I put myself through AHM training. Then in the afternoon, I realised why. COL Jasvant was looking for instructors to go up to Brunei to help out with the cadets, as there's currently a shortage of instructors at wingline. The requirement is that you have to pass the Jungle Confidence Course (JCC) to accompany the cadets. For some strange reason, Jeremy and I are the only officers in ME Team who passed JCC, and COL J wanted 2 instructors from our branch. Maam came up with some reason for Jeremy, and I thought I was going for sure! That is, until I realised AHM takes place during the 3 week Brunei stint!

It takes priority over everything else so I was saved! PHEW! Well actually it's a lot more slack going up as an instuctor, but I know I'll just die of BOREDOM if I go Brunei... Thank God man...

This entry's coming from my office. Staying in as got some pool training for AHM early tmr morning. Joel says it's water polo. Hope I'll be able keep afloat, cos' my legs still feel like jelly.