Wednesday, September 1

Psychotic Episodes.

We all have them. Contrary to popular belief, psychos aren't just found in mental institutions or asylums. Scientific research has proven that every single one of us is prone to having psychotic episodes. It's a state of mind where the rational thought of someone is blured, leading to rash decisions being made, some with fatal consequences.

Some point in our lives, we've all gone through an experience where the emotional trauma is so great, for a split second, hurting yourself or others seems like the only rationale way to alleviate the pain. Financial difficulties. Divorce in the family. Retrenchment. Cancer. Loss of a loved one. Rejection.

Can u really call people who commit suicide stupid? If you were placed in their shoes, you could very well do the same. It's scary.

For a split second this afternoon, I was at a lost. I won't say suicide crossed my mind. That's extreme. But I just couldn't think with rationale.

I need guidance. God don't you get sick of me always coming to you for help? I truly am ungrateful. Forgive me.