Saturday, December 11

Jay Chou Sing-a-long

I have never sung so many Mandarin songs in my life! So Kelly, Siang, Yuting, Yihan and I were doing KTV at Cuppage last night. Thank God we got a room! We got there at 1030pm only to be told there were no rooms but they would tell us as soon as one opened up... and one finally did at about 11! There was no way we could go home at the time, cos the rain was just pounding the ground. Those in town on Friday night would know...

Yuting, Kelly...i must say both of you sing so very well! Thank you for putting up with my screeching...haha. Improved my Mandarin somewhat by singing lots of Jay Chou songs...well...sort of singing...I didn't know a lot of the "fan ti zi" Chinese words. So the words I didn't know were replaced either by incoherent muttering or "something-something"

But on the whole, a good night out. Thanks for coming guys...I will try to ask you guys in advance next time...and not give you 2 hour's notice. =)