Thursday, December 30

We've Got A Man Down!

Paintball was a blast! And the best part was it was free! As part of the new year celebrations in SAFTI, the Officers' Mess Committee organised a family carnival for all the SAFTI officers. There was paintball, fishing at the SDC lake, X-boxing for the kids, and other stuff.

We played paintball at the SDC playground. Good stuff man. Gary got shot in the neck, and now has some bruise that somewhat resembles a really huge lovebite. Hahaha. I got shot in the back (backstabber!) and the bruise was like some mutant mosquito bite. Well at least i managed to destroy the opposition's target.

Oh remember the SMU Jamboree held a few weeks back? They were giving out free Zouk passes for those that came, and I managed to win a pair! They just sent me an e-mail... Man, I hope I don't turn into some hardcore chiongster. Not very healthy. But hey, it's why not!