Friday, October 14

Pimping My Stuff

The mid-term break's almost over. Must say it's been really productive. Meeting up with friends, frisbee competition, CF@ Botanics, windsurfing at East Coast (thanks JJ, Gavin!), finishing up projects and assignments.

ACE Adventure Race on Saturday 6pm. Hopefully Daniel, Danny and I will be able to complete it safely. Gulp. And pray we don't take more than 8 hours. That's as much energy as I have.

Anyways, I'm starting a "Send-Gabe-to-Ohio/York/Kathmandu-fund", no competition to any other funds out there. =p. If I'm gonna do some travelling next year I gotta start saving up now (I should have started ages ago actually).

I got a few things I wanna sell, so if any of you happen to wanna buy any of these things, just drop me a mail at

1. Imation DVD R/RW External Drive. 16x16x8x6x4 Usual price S$300. I'm selling it for $199!!! click herefor the specs.

2. Nike Stand Up Speak Up bands. Don't worry, they're still in the original wrapper and haven't been worn. $6 bucks a piece.

3. ORIGINAL Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty for the PC. In mint condition!$22

My calculations say I need $5k by next May. Any job lobangs please do tell!