Friday, June 23


That's how the locals pronounce New Orleans in their Southern slang.

It's been 4 days of gutting houses, mowing lawns, taking out the trash and doing some serious "redecorating".

Had a night out in the French Quarter, toured the infamous Bourbon Street, where the annual sinfest known as Mardi Gras goes through, and sipped iced coffee at the famous Cafe Du Monde (Although I had no idea it was famous until I got here). Went by the famous House of Blues where Louis Armstrong and other jazz greats played, but didn't go in unfortunately. It was packed!

We've made some good friends, and had such a meaningful week trying to reach out and evangelise to the community here. This trip alone has made my US Summer Work and Trvael Programme worth it.

Back to Sandusky, Ohio tomorrow. I heard there was a storm while we were gone and there were flash floods!

Pictures coming up soon!