Tuesday, September 26

Hello Friends

Hey guys. Just wanted to leave a post to let everyone know I'm alive and well.

"AWW SHUCKS. Thought he was gone for sure!"

Oui. I heard that.

It's been an exciting term so far. Well, I'm trying to keep positive and look at it as exciting. Accounting Information Systems isn't exactly my cup of teh-peng. It's tougher to be positive about things when you don't exactly have the passion for what you're learning. Ah ah...think happy thoughts. Happy thoughts. Thankfully, some other modules are more enjoyable. On the bright side, the professors are approachable, the friends in class make it all the more bearable, and people have been very encouraging. I've had the opportunity to meet up one-to-one with a lot of friends, and it's just so good to know how everyone is getting along.

It has been a real challenge focusing on what really matters. Attending the SMU Christian Fellowship leader trainings has really challenged me in putting God first. Many a times I'm tempted to skip it to do readings or assignments, and then I question what my priorities are (plus I know that I probably won't get much done even if I skip CF =p).

I'm really tempted to run for exco in CCAs and get more involved , but I know I won't have time for family, friends, Church, the Boys Brigade, SMUBE, and for myself if I do. Thinking deeper, I don't feel called to run for leadership positions, and if I did, it would really be for self-gratification. I really thank God for April, Albie, Elliot, LC, and others that keep me focused on Him.

April will be going back to York in about 2 weeks, so I really want to spend whatever time I have with her. Every bit counts! To friends who I have not seen in a while, or haven't talk to since term has started, I'm sure you'll understand. =)