Saturday, November 25

I Miss Ohio; Or Rather the People

It's funny how my mind wanders when I'm studying.

Exams are coming up this week. Last paper's on Saturday, but I'm no where near prepared. Funny thing is I don't seem too anxious. Bad bad bad.

Looking through the pictures from the US trip last Summer, made me reminisce about the people I met along the way. It really seems like I've never went there at all, and that it was like a three-month long dream.

The most memorable thing about the Summer for me was not the holidaying in the big cities (New York was amazing though), but it was the New Orleans relief trip with The Chapel,(a cosy little church in Sandusky, Ohio)that resonates most in my mind.

They were just fantastic. You could just feel their warmth and willingness to get to know you, something that we could use more of this side of the world. I still remember Cary sharing with me his life story about how he came to Christ, Steve Bechtel offering to have us over for dinner, Martha and Walt putting me and Charles up for the night at their very nice home, and even offering to take us out on their private boat. They were so genuine in their care and concern. I really wished I had more time to get to know them better.

If there were any reason for me to return to Ohio, the nice people at The Chapel would be more than a good reason to.

I feel really bad for not sending any mails to them. After next Saturday maybe.