Saturday, September 4

Got a runny nose.

*Sniff* Had PUNJ in the afternoon. And an enjoyable dinner with the PUNJ peeps. You're right Ellie. Dun really get to know the people till you have dinner with them. Heh. Had a nice chit chat with Eugene (Tan), Audrey and Marilyn.

Surprisingly, I had enough energy to last me through, inspite of last night's activities. Overnight cycling la...wat were you thinking. Got back at 7 am this morning. Thank God I got a ride. Dunno how I would have managed the cycle back. Covered a total dist. of 88 km yest! The company was great! Thanks Eug (Nai), Zeng Jia, Jing You, Kezheng and Jereme...Was great to see all of you. Changi Village is quite happening man... great food. Posted our exploits yesterday below! Go check it!