Sunday, May 27

Happening Sia

Haven’t had the time to update the blog for a while. Sorry guys if I’ve disappeared off the radar for a while, shall update you guys with what’s been happening with me this past month. Interning at Ernst & Young, the recent trip to York with Apes, our German adventures courtesy of Wenjie, and most recently Ah Loong & Evelyn’s wedding, which I just came back from. I have new found respect for wedded couples. While weddings are a time of thanksgiving and rejoicing, it’s really tiring for the couple, waking up early for tea ceremonies, going for your wedding service, attending the wedding dinner, in which you’re walking around taking pictures with people most of the time rather than enjoying the food, practically having to smile the whole day, being at the constant centre of attention of everyone, SHACK MAN.

I’ve been working at Ernst & Young for the past two weeks, and it’s been a good time of learning about the world of auditing. It has also given me a taste of what working life is like in future. I’ve been going home at about 6pm, while my seniors in the audit team tend to stay on longer till about 7 to 8, or even 9pm. And they say that’s considered early, as compared to the peak period between December and April, when most companies are due to release their financial statements.

I’ve been posted to a company dealing with medical supplies in Tuas for the next two weeks. I’ve been quite fortunate to be placed in a big audit team of 10 people. The task of going through stacks and stacks of files to match transactions and vouch for supporting documents can get somewhat mundane, so it helps to have entertaining audit seniors who take some steam off the paper chase with their hilarious and random conversations. They’ve been very helpful and patient in going through with me what auditing’s about. I can honestly say I’ve learnt more about audit in the past 2 weeks than I have in the whole term when I took the auditing module (sorry Prof James). Guess I learn better by getting some hands on.

Haven’t had time to blog about the recent trip up to York with April, and our meeting up with Wenjie in Frieburg. Thanks again for being such a great host bro! Looking forward to having you back from exchange in August.

In short, I’m so glad I went up to York. It was great to finally put real faces to the names that April would always talk about during our conversations over Skype. Getting to know the CU Peeps, her flat mates, and experiencing the arduous trek to YEC on Sunday has made it easier to identify what she goes through.

Will post more photos up soon, and talk about Ah Loong and Evelyn’s wedding soon. I’m really happy that the both of them are finally man and wife. =)

Gotta hit the sack. Zzz.