Wednesday, December 26

Dobrý Den Praha!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope the day has been a good reminder of what Christ came to do for us 2000 years ago.

I'm typing this from our hostel in Prague (or Praha as the locals call it). It is truly an amazing city. It's so steeped in history, so rich in culture, and it's quite a magical place! The main city is in a valley and is overlooked by the awe-inspiring Prague Castle on a hill. The architecture is quite a sight to behold, and the food (very important component of our holiday) has been pretty good so far!

Apes, Huimin and I arrived late on Christmas Eve and spent most of today touring the Old Town (Staré Město) and New Town (Nové Město). It was -3 degrees celcius today, a slight improvement from -5 the day before (like it makes a difference, we're still freezing our butts off!), but all in all, it was worth braving the cold to wander the streets of this Bohemian gem of a city.

Will put up some photos soon!