Monday, September 6

I was at HDB Hub at Toa Payoh on Sunday night, and the car park was jam packed. Saw this black Honda with its headlights on. Assuming that the guy inside was moving off, i took my position and got ready to go into the lot.

After a while, the guy didn't seem to budge. He was this unfriendly looking guy with his hair parted down the centre. The Chao Ah Beng look. So I looked at him and mouthed the words " ARe you going out?", signalling with my hands. The guy just gave me this cold blank stare. Thinking that he probably didnt see me the first time, I did the same. Mouthing the same words, moving my hands in a more exaggerated manner. All this while, he was giving me this really "buay song" look. My Dad, who was in the back seat with Mom, told me to use the horn, gently. That helped. He was looking really pissed now. So was I. Say something dumbass! Don't just stare.

That's when Mom said "Maybe we should get another lot". Taking her cue , I found another lot which was just left vacant. Upon completing my parking, I saw the Black Honda speed past me.

One more reason why I should always keep a baseball bat in the back seat.