Tuesday, October 19

Finally convinced myself that I really should start picking up golf.

Went to the driving range @ Green Fairways with Dad last night to whack a few balls. Golf really is a, as my Dad would say, "a paradoxical sport". The more you try to hit the ball, the more likely the ball's flight won't be as steady as you want it. I found myself getting more distance during the times where I was relaxed and using less energy. The momentum of the club is enough to drive the ball a few hundred metres.

It's definately different from other sports I guess. A lot more mental. And well... I still have problems recognizing golf as a sport honestly. Trying to get a ball the size of a ping pong ball into a 3-inch wide hole 300 metres away from you seems quite retarded and at first. But I guess it's no more retarded than 22 men on a pitch chasing down a ball to get it into a goalmouth. That's how some ladies view soccer yeah.

Well, I can see myself playing golf in my 40s and beyond, when my body's starting to detiorate. I think the only reason I should pick it up now is really to prepare for entertaining clients when I enter the working world. Why can't deals be struck at LAN shops or on a soccer pitch instead of a golf course? Haha. I'm just rambling...

Anyways, hope to get my handicap before going into uni! Eat your heart out Tiger!