Monday, October 17

I'll Stop Procrastinating. Tomorrow.

Two group projects and one paired assignment due. One solo presentation coming up, haven't done much for that yet. FA Quiz next week.

And so, the mid term break (some might say "what break?") is over, and it's back to the usual lessons. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to motivate myself in subjects that I really have little passion in. Financial accounting to be precise. Stats is pretty boring but straightforward.

Communications and LTB are pretty enjoyable actually. In fact I really enjoy LTB, mainly because of the fabulous group I have (go hamsters!), really great people to work with, Ben, Yiling, Peg, Chris and Jinshu. Thank God for them. =)And I think our project is really meaningful, and we're actually doing something that benefits SPD(hopefully).

Reading the Business Times or the money page of The Straits Times helps to bring FA to life somewhat, but I really have little interest in the dealings of companies here in Corporate Singapore. I guess I'll just have to force myself to be interested. I can be driven if I strongly believe in the importance of something. FA just doesn't bring out that drive in me. I really should stop talking like this and convince myself otherwise.

I think I shall watch Blade Runner now.