Friday, November 5

While I did pray for good weather, think God felt the plants needed more watering today. Haha.

So I was drenched to the skin, but thank God the camera stayed dry. Expensive stuff that camera. Abt 5000 bucks. We still managed to get the shots we need. Got dramatic footage of the cadets in the assault boats, hitting the shore and then carrying on a simulated assault, ala the Omaha Beach scene in Saving Private Ryan. Well, OK so it wasn't exactly as dramatic, the cadets were a bit sloppy in their movement. D'oh!

Because of the rain, Mr Yip (the cameraman) and I were stuck on Coney Island for an hour or so. Coney Island's somewhere in between Mainland S'pore and Ubin in case you're wondering. Mr Yip gave me a ride to Kovan after filming, and I roamed arnd a bit. Never really seen the North East.