Thursday, December 2

Take Care Pooja!

I'm really encouraged by what I've been seeing in PUNJ the past couple of months. We went to Carilyn's place to have a farewell party for Pooja. She's from India and she's been studying in ACJC for the past 2 years. With the A's over, she'll be going back to her hometown till the results are released in March, and possibly won't be studying in S'pore anymore unless she gets NUS Med Fac.

She shared her testimony to all of us and to me, it was really moving. She had only become a Christian this year, and her testimony about how April and other Christian friends around her were so overwhelming in showing her care and concern, that it got her interested in Christianity. Eventually, she saw God's love for her through these friends.

It'll be tough for her when she goes back, cos' she's the only Christian in her family, and she says she doesn't know any Christians back home. We'll be keeping her in our prayers, and hope that God will work through her. For someone who's 17, Pooja's really mature. Respeckt girl!

Youth Camp tomorrow. Can't wait man...