Wednesday, January 5

I Will Never Take For Granted...

I had the most enjoyable time yesterday! I just feel really blessed that God has put me in the company of so many great people.

My day started early at 6am. Had the monthly Commander's Parade in the morning. Stayed in the day before in office. Watched ZOOLANDER, which is frickin hillarious! Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller are really whacked. Thanks for bringing the movie Yoga. The movie was banned in S'pore, because the plot involves male models trying to kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia (which was played by some Chinese guy who resembled the Dalai Lama. HAHAHA)

I took the half day so I could crash and SMU lecture with Tiffany. Went for the FINANCIAL MARKETS AND INSTRUMENTS lecture. Which was a big mistake, cos there were a lot of terms I wasn't familiar with, and it's a YEAR 3 Acct subject! Haha. But I actually quite enjoyed it. The prof was giving a lot of real world examples, and the students were quite vocal. I think I just miss the class room setting. Sigh.

Went to Mark's after that. Good thing I had the car. Picked up Ellie to get some chicken wings. We ordered like 6 large pizzas for the whole gang, about 16 of us. It was a simple get to know each other session. Kudos to Mark and Elliot for organising the time of fellowship. I couldn't stay for long though cos I had riding lessons with Jeremy and Jerald at 930pm.

Finally passed stage 2! Phew! The road was slippery but it's a good thing we didn't fall. Sent Jem and Jerald back to camp. They'll be flying off to Thailand tmr for ATEC, so all th best guys. Thanks for the X Box. Will take good care of it while you guys are gone. =)

Sometimes I complain about my life about how directionless it seems. It's times like these when I learn to appreciate the company of good friends and their care and concern. I'm sorry Lord if I've taken it for granted sometimes. Please prompt me if I ever do again.