Friday, October 24

WASSUP!!! ok ok...i know what you're thinking. this has to be the most plain, boring, unoriginal BLOG U HAVE EVER SEEN!!! but wait! i can explain! for those who know me, i'm in OCS (Officer Cadet School for u non-army folks) for most of the week so i really have no time to come online to update my blog. only on the weekends at least. i'll have more time next year!!! so look out for that. in the meantime, i'll have to make due with one of the templates that blogspot has provided, sad i know, but i figured i'd reserve this domain first, not like anyone else wld want it but oh well, just 'chope' first la. heh. oh ya HAPPY DEEPAVALI!!!

Monday, October 13

Testing. Testing. Hello? So thats how it works this blog thingy... after seeing Corinne make one, and realising that i have a lot of time on my hands, i just decided to try e whole blogging exp. myself. heh. so here it is. my first posting. cheers.