Thursday, March 30

Fly Here Fly There

Sent Dan (my younger bro) off at the airport this morning. He'll be backpacking with some friends around the Indochina region. Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, etc. Gotta admire his guts sometimes. Booking a one-way ticket to Bangkok, and wandering around the region for about a month or more (he's not sure when he'll be back). He says they'll probably end up taking a coach back from Thailand, through Malaysia, back down to Singapore. Hopefully they'll have enough money and that they'll be safe. God bless them. Dan's only gonna be back after I fly off to NYC on 21 April. I'll only see him when I get back in August. =(

Dad's flying off to Cairns this Sunday so it's gonna be weird with Dan and Dad not at home. A lot quieter.

Just came back from some US Work and Travel Final briefing. Be leaving in about 3 weeks. Seems pretty unreal, the thought of being in the States for close to 4 months. My mind's still focused on exams I guess. Just glad it ends early before we leave.

I should be feeling very excited. But I'm not. Weird.

Monday, March 27

Loved Ones

The sun sets slower when you're with loved ones. Posted by Picasa

Bobbs and I trying to make project meetings interesting

We need a smaller helmet for Amos

Skinny people

Beach dance.


Friday, March 17



Tuesday, March 14

The boys.

Monday, March 13

Fai Di Fai Di

Officially the most insane week I've had in a while. Project meetings every night since last Monday. Culminated in a "siong" Friday, with the Wine-derful presentation for MA in the morning, teaching the class 3 fallacies in Analytical Skills class, and then off to the Singapore Sports School in Woodlands in the evening, to emcee for the Asia Swimming Championships Farewell Dinner.

My weekend was spent in school from morning till late night, preparing for the Business, Government and Society Major presentation on Monday morning, and helping out with the SMU Open House as well.

Very glad all the presentations are over, and from feedback from the profs and friends, I'm 'quite satisfied with the performances with all my teams. I just thank God for blessing me with such fabulous team mates.

Dickson, Eugene (Bobbs), Ben (Koh), Jason, Yiling, Huifen, Gavin, Zhicheng, Qingyao, Rodney. Thanks guys, for making the projects a lot more enjoyable.

Just the reports left to do, and then i can focus solely on studying for the end of term exams.

In the midst of everything, it's just so easy to forget our Godliness. Thank you all for your reminders.

Wednesday is almost here! She's back! Woohoo!

Friday, March 10


Tuesday, March 7

A Mountain To Climb

Feeling pretty burnt out of late. Not been sleeping much, been having long days. Wish I could contribute more in project meetings, but I see myself stoning a lot more now. To my project mates, sorry if I've not been contributing as much as I should be. I'll make up for it.

Friday's gonna be a mad rush. Management Accounting presentation in the morning, Analytical Skills Presentation in the afternoon, and I gotta emcee for the Asian Swimming Championships closing ceremony @ the S'pore Sports School in the evening. Couple that with the BGS Major presentation on Monday, think my weekend will be burnt too.

At least I'll be getting all the major presentations done before the 15th. =)

Sunday, March 5


Wow. Fantastic movie. I haven't seen Brokeback Mountain yet, but I think I would rather see the Mossad in action, than 2 gay cowboys "go fishing".

Saturday, March 4

Happy Birthday Yiling!