Saturday, December 31

Looking Ahead. Reflections.

Honestly, it doesn't really feel like the end of the year for me. I've sort of lost track of time ever since A came back. It's been a fantastic 2 weeks. I felt my holiday didn't really start until I went to pick her up at the airport. That said, I'll probably still be in the holiday mood into the first week of school. Looking forward to the new term, with the new people I'll meet and the promising events that are coming up.

The possibility of hosting the tri-uni sports bash with Grace in Feb, the annual SG Biathlon in March, Cedar Point come May. Christmas 2006 in Kathmandu.

I'm just thinking back right now about all the stuff that's happened this year:
ORD-ing, Europe, getting to know the Si Ling BGB kids, the extremely enjoyable and enriching church camp @ Putrajaya, climbing Mt. Kinabalu, getting involved with the Nanyang Pri BB, starting school at SMU, running a marathon for the first time, PUNJ Camp, the fantastic Decemeber hols spent with A and her family.

Being in the army at the beginning of the year just seems like such a distant memory. I think I've done a good job assimilating back into the civilian world. HA! The first few months of the year wasn't so good for me. Emotionally I was pretty down most of the time for some reason. The turning point probably came during the Europe trip, which was such a blast. Euroboys, we meet up again when Jem and Jer are back la! So if you're down and out, GO VISIT EUROPE. Ha.

Getting involved with the Boys and Girls' Brigade at Siling Sec this year was really a blessing for me. I've enjoyed their company so much, during the camps and weekly drills, and I've learnt so much about myself when it comes to handling the gang.

Elliot's leaving for Auckland in 2 days time. His family's already left, but he's decided to stay for the new year and is currently crashing at my place. We've been through so much together mate. Not many people can say they've had friends since they were 3 years old, but I'm glad we can. Will visit Middle Earth one day. Check out his blog here

So many things I'm thankful for, and you know, it's so easy to take your blessings for granted when things are going good. I really thank God for bringing me through this first term in SMU. It's been hectic, and very stressful at times, but I really can't see myself anywhere else. Thank God for the new friends, and the new opportunities that has been presented to me in BE, relatively good grades, and an environment which I feel comfortable in. On hindsight, it was the right choice. Think I wouldn't have enjoyed NTU as much.

2006 is gonna be challenging. We just got to keep God at the center of our lives and commit everything to Him, and all of a sudden, all that uncertainty isn't so scary anymore. We'll plod on eh?


The LDR Clan. (Plus Desmond and Li Chuan)

Guess what time it is?

Friday, December 30

Hats off to you ol' buddy ol' pal.

It's supposed to spell out DOTA.

You bad boy. You go to jail.

In pain.

Tuesday, December 27

Thanks for the photos Tim. It's cool to be blue.

Sorry for the lack of updates. It's been a busy holiday period. And an enjoyable one I must add! Hee hee! A belated Merry Christmas to one and all, and here's hoping you appreciate your loved ones more this season.

Lovely ladies.

I'm gonna miss ya mate.

Merry Christmas Josh!

The gang

Ok I'm moving. Now how do you stop?

Ah yes, a bike suits me much better.

Cruisin down Nick's funky retro Toyota Celica

Thursday, December 22

It's only durians!

Wednesday, December 21

Just asking to be kicked

An attempt to chip the keeper

Looky here!

The reason why we couldn't use the big field. I never understood why Cricket required such a big space to play, when most of the time, the action takes place on a tiny strip of grass where men run up and down on.

Maybe I Should Take Up Chess Instead

Went down with Apes to her dad's clinic down at Textile Centre to get my knee checked out. It's been hurting since the marathon 2 weeks ago. I thought it was fine, until the weekly football kickabout at NTU again on Sunday. It started getting bad after the first half.

Anyway, April's dad says that I really should rest for at least a month before I try anything that will cause stress to my knee, cos' he suspects it's something to do with the cartilege. Once it's damaged, it won't heal. And once it's operated on, it'll still never be the same again, unless of course they create bionic knee implants in the near future, which is, highly unlikely.

I'm praying it's something that will subside after a while. Sigh.

On a more positive note, it's been an excellent past few days spending time with April and her family, and having her over for dinner. As much as I'm thankful for Skype, and being able to see her on the know what I mean...

I'm really glad April's back. =)

Sunday, December 18

Sharity Giftbox Photos

Unloading the looty.

Paul and Jacob!

Yeah. You show them Jacob.

Saturday, December 17

Ooh Ooh!

She's finally coming home. =) Will it be weird? What do I do? Shake her hand? HA!


Just lazing around by the pool the other day, I was gazing at the sky for quite a while. Looking at all that vast majestic blue space, and contrasting it with the urban jungle that is Singapore, it just made me feel so trapped.

No matter how Singapore progresses, the one constraint that it will always have is space. You see buildings and walls every you go, it can get quite claustrophobic sometimes. While in other countries, it was just so liberating to get out in the open fields, (like REALLY open fields, Bishan Park is NOT THAT open) and just run and admire the scenary for as far as the eye can see.

I'm the sort of person that really likes scenary. I can just sit on a hill top all day and admire the vastness of God's creation around me. You just need some bread, cheese, wine, and a loved one (tee hee!) and your day is set!

That's it. I'm buying a plot of land, somewhere. Get me out of here!

Thursday, December 15

We're almost there. =)


For some reason, I always think I'm underachieving. What would you want me to do Lord?

Chicken Man Vs. Evil Chicken Rice Uncle

Wednesday, December 14

My random OG mates

People Watching

I'm sitting here at the Info Systems Student Lounge here at SMU typing this. It's got a great view of Campus Green, the roads leading up into Orchard, the Singapore History Museum is just across the road, and you can see the UOB and OUB towers from where I'm sitting. The hustle and bustle of the cars and people just going by, while I'm content sitting in my comfy couch just looking on.

The SMU gym just opened today, so I decided to pop by and check it out. HOLY SMOKES. The equipment is all brand new and pretty nifty. Get this, ALL the cardio machines have touch screen televisions on them. All you have to do is just plug in your personal earphones to listen in. So you can watch any channel you want while running on the threadmill, or if you're on the cycling machine. SHITTE! Where are we getting all the cash to buy these things?!

It's been an enjoyable past few days meeting up with good friends. Went over to Debbie's place last evening to catch up with the OG peeps. Debs, Jacq, Weiming, Esmond and Ambrose. Pity the rest couldn't make it! Played a bit of Winning Eleven and Taboo through the night. I really enjoyed myself! I didn't even notice the time fly by, and when it hit 11, I sorta wondered if I could make the last bus home! (Debs lives in Tampines see. EAST SIDE!)

Dinner with Daphne, Siang, Eric, Yuan Wei and Yihan at The Tea Party down at Sixth Avenue on Monday evening after PUNJ Camp. Fantastic tea and pizza. Drove down to Cineleisure to catch "A History of Violence", which I really thought was a kick ass movie. Great acting. It's great that we're still meeting up after all these years. Really hope we can keep it up guys, even as our lives get busier.

Gotta finish reading Narnia by today, pop by the gym for a short while later, before supper with JH, Isaac and co. at Timbre tonight.

In the meantime, back to my people watching. I wonder where that scruffy looking guy is off to...

So Much For Utopia

Education doesn't necessarily make a person more ethical. Rather, it makes people aware of more ways to do evil. Discuss.

Tuesday, December 13

Jesus Loves You. HO!

I really enjoyed myself at PUNJ camp. Learning about Ezekiel, which previously, I had never dared touched, cos I deemed it too cheem for simple ol' gabe. Picked up a thing or to at the workshops, more insight into the cannonisation of the Bible, and world views such as post-modernism, Islam and Agnosticism. If you want to spread the Word, you really have to know where your non-Christian friends are coming from, like how Paul tried to engage the Greeks in Acts 17:16-32.

I most enjoyed the fellowship, and it was really heartening to see so many newcomers (or rather, ppl I've never really talked to before in PUNJ!). With the nature of PUNJ being so touch and go, I think most of us never really got the chance to get to know each other more in depth. Hopefully this camp provided a stepping stone to which the rest of the PUNJers can build relationships upon.

Will post pictures soon.

Friday, December 9

Back On Monday

Off to PUNJ camp. Just praying for a good time of fellowship, and learning about Ezekiel (cheem book la). Till Monday folks.

Tuesday, December 6

In the future, there will be a cloth shortage.

Aeon Flux

Dan managed to get the whole season of Aeon Flux and I've been watching it. The movie's coming out pretty soon. It's based on the MTV animated series shown a few years back, and it was quite revolutionary for its time, for it's vision and style. I gotta say some parts are pretty weird, it's not your average Disney cartoon that's for sure. If you're gonna watch it, don't bother with the story, just watch it for the art style and umm..yeah just watch it for the art style.

The movie looks pretty B-grade and I'm betting it's gonna suck. But we'll all watch it anyway. Why? Charlize Theron for one.

Big congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Mao!

Crooning away

Tee hee! The kid's so cute! (No not Sarah.)

PUNJ and post-PUNJabs

Monday, December 5

Even Wise Men Seek Jesus

One man had that written on his back, as he ran the marathon barechested. Two guys wore bras, in raising awareness for the Breast Cancer Foundation. Triathlon Family members had helium filled balloons attached to their backs, indicating the timing they were running at, just so people could keep pace with them. It was such a wide mix of people. The papers say about 6000 people ran the marathon this year.

I'm really glad I had Wen Zheng, Jason and Dzarrin to run with. I can't imagine going through the whole 42km with no one to talk to. How boring would that be?! We split up towards the end, at around the 30km mark at East Coast Park. I was cramping up like mad. Without a doubt, the last 10km was seriously the most excruciating 10km I've ever run in my life. Walk, run, cramp, walk, run, cramp. Oof.

If I could sum up my emotions for this whole marathon, I'd say it was a humbling experience for me. I know my goal was just to finish, and take the whole run at my own pace, but my male ego started getting really annoyed, especially when this petite lady don totally in pink, and wearing a daisy duck sunvisor, kept over taking me! Argh! No offense ladies, it's just a guy thing.

It really wasn't about how fit you were or looked. I saw many buffed guys lying on the roadside cringing in pain from the muscle cramps, all this while elderly men and woman, no less than 50 years old, steadily ran on. Slow and steady indeed.

It was really great to see so many familiar faces along the way. Evan, Nazri, Eugene (Neo), Mr Menon!

In the end, it took me 5 hours and 15 minutes to complete the marathon. It would have been nice to have completed it under 5 hours, but I was just happy to cross the finish line (Free shirt at the end see.)

Sub-5, Next year maybe. =)

First photo after the finish.

Sunday, December 4

Standard Chartered Marathon 2005. The Finish Line.


Mr. Kok!


Evan da man.

Jason, Wenzheng, Dzar. 42.125km. Nice.

Saturday, December 3

Matrimonial Bliss

Big HOORAH for Grace and Lincoln, who will be getting married LAYTER @ 2PM! Here's wishing you guys a lifetime of happiness. May God bless the two of you and your relationship as husband and wife. =)

We'll be singing Firehouse's Love of a Lifetime later.

I guess the time was right for us to say,
We'd take our time and live our lives together day by day.
We'll make a wish and send it on a prayer,
We know our dreams can all come true with love that we can share.

With you I never wonder, will you be there for me?
With you I never wonder ... you're the right one for me.

I finally found a love of a lifetime,
A love to last my whole life through.
I finally found a love of a lifetime,
Forever in my heart, I finally found a love of a lifetime.


Friday, December 2

Oh yeah. I'm ready.

Run Of Your Life

It's my first marathon on Sunday. First experiences are always exciting! The exams were really a distraction for me, as funny as it sounds. Couldn't train for the weeks leading up to it as a result. THIS is THE HIGHLIGHT of the year for me (besides December 18th of course =p).

Hydration plan, sufficient rest before hand, carbo-loading the days leading up to Sunday, mental run through of what the route will be like, so many things running through my mind right now. I can only pray that I'll be able to finish it! My knees have been acting weird of late.

I wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to Esther, Adrian and Linette for having us over at their place for dinner last night. Dinner was AMAZING as expected! Haha I wouldn't have missed it for the world man! Lamb shanks, spaghetti with clams, chocolate soufflé, brandied cherries with blue cheese, MMMM....BEEE-YOOO-TEE-FUUL! Adrian was really generous with the wine! My goodness, I hope I didn't say anything silly last night!

Grace's wedding tomorrow! I've been hearing that Lincoln and her have been cooler than the people that've been helping to put the wedding together. Haha. Congrats guys. I hope we sing ok.

Oh yeah, the FA exam today was OK. Not expecting stellar results though. It was really a drag, since I've never spent a 3 hour stretch doing nothing but FA before(Yes, I am THAT disciplined). Was doing a little jiggy in my seat when I managed to balance the cash flow statement. Thank God! I only manage to balance things 1 out of 5 times I try. Cheap thrill man. That was probably the highlight of the 3 hours. Whoopee.

Now for the real highlight. SUNDAY. SUNDAY. SUNDAY.