Monday, October 31

Looking Back


It's always good to reminisce. Posted by Picasa

Take me back to the island.

Sunday, October 30

Hey Kids. It's Reflection Time.

And so, every once in a while, I'll stone in front of my computer, or just gaze at the ceiling while lying on my comfy bed, just to think and reflect on the stuff that's been happening in the past few weeks. I find that it's so easy to get caught up with the hustle and bustle of uni life, church, meeting friends and spending time with family, that sometimes, I really need to remind myself what I'm doing all this for.

Random thoughts ahead:

I'm especially thankful to God for bringing me through a very hectic week. Apologies to any of my project group mates or friends if I show "black face" during meetings and if I seem to be slacking on my parts. The FA quiz was really getting me down, and it's a real wake up call for me to buck up. What's more, I really felt the pressure to perform on ASOC Day. So much really hinges on the emcee to make the event interesting. Thank God Grace was there. Think I'll be damn stoned if I had to host the thing myself.

It was very encouraging to see such a positive response from the audience, the exposure I’m getting with SMUBE (SMU Broadcast and Entertainment) is excellent, with all the events happening in school, and I’m hoping some this will lead to some big event/events in future that will help to pay for my accrued expenses, like airfare, the Nepal trip, etc. Holy crap, did I just say ‘accrued’? ARGH!

PUNJ camp coming up in a month. I better get cracking on the games.

Commitment. Trust. Patience. All these I ask of you Lord. Christmas. Christmas. Christmas. =)

I came across this quote a while back:

"Even if you win the rat race, you're still a rat."

So how? Get out of the rat pack, and find some cheese.

Saturday, October 29

Our Big Fat Greek Party

Prof Thermin showing off his flexible hips. Arm wrestling. Hot Greek Babes. Hercules doing a striptease. Four Seasons Hotel food. Fortune telling. Crumpler bags giveaways. Movie vouchers. Cafe Cartel vouchers. One heck of a good time. All for 5 bucks.

ASOC Day was da bomb. =)

Zeus and Pheme. And Chloe in the back.

Wine God. Greek Gal. Hercules.

By Zeus! Empower me Shawn!

I usually wear longer length skirts. Honest.

Friday, October 28

No Allowance For Bad Grades

Dr Expense for Bad Debt
Cr Allowance for Bad Debt

Dr Accounts Receivable
Cr Allowance for Bad Debt

I got a BAD feeling about the Financial Accounting quiz later.

Wednesday, October 26


plod. plod. plod. =) i'll buy the snow shoes.


Anybody have the C.S. Lewis classic, "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" for me to borrow? I need to read it by December! NEED TO!

Monday, October 24

Go Greek You Freak! 28th October. ASOC Day!

Tip Of The Day

When changing clothes, make sure your webcam is switched OFF.

Saturday, October 22

Ohio Go-Zai-Masu!

We're going to Cedar Point next Summer! Woohoo! Carol, Debbie, Ambrose, Esmondo and muah! Talk about the coolest OG outing ever! Yeah baby! Haha! Ok at least half of us are going. =/ I'll be doing games, so that means I'll be conducting game shows and giving out prizes throughout the park. It could change when we get there though, and I'm prepared to do some menial work, but the prospect of earning in US dollars and all the travelling we're going to do on the US East coast is just very exciting. Somebody say New York, New York!

Hopefully nothing crops up from May to July next year. 3 whole months! That's like BMT sia!

Anyways, this week has been ultra productive, and full of surprises. The Bull Run was such a blast. So comical seeing all the office workers running 3.2km in their shirt, ties, and some even running in their blazers! Potential for heat exhaustion I say! The SMU Run Team wanted to wear shirts, but Office of Student Life insisted that we wear the "We love SMU" t-shirt and tie instead. Oh well. Free t-shirt. Can’t complain.

Thought I could give some of the old guys a run for the money. Alas, managed to come in 6th or 7th, which isn’t too bad. Ah well, at least I managed to hit my target of 11 mins. Jane managed to come in 2nd! You go girl!

The Sports Fiesta on Friday was pretty funky. Floorball, futsal, basketball, mini-tennis, rock climbing, running the mile, golf, ice-skating?! More like wax skating actually, since it was skating on wax boards with ice skates, pretty novel idea! There was this amazing race thing, organized by the SMU Travel Club, where the winning team got FOUR return tickets to TOKYO! Holy smokes! Would have gone if I didn’t have the Bull Run. Where do we get all these lobangs?!

Back to the books. The rest of this term is going to fly by. It’ll be Christmas in no time. =)

We're going to Ohio!!!

Bull Run and Sports Fiesta Pics!

I jump like a girl.

Yes. It's the traditional SMU jump.

I hope they practiced their landings.

SMUBE babes!

Samba Masala kicks ass.

Hello my multi-coloured feathered friend

First to pop the balloons wins.


Play ball!

There was Ice Skating. Believe it or not.

Serene and friend. Trying to be a Sharapova.

The Brudders love SMU

What A Load Of Bull, Run.

Just had the SGX Bull Run today. Wicked. Damn shack. Too lazy to elaborate now. Gotta be at Orchard Hotel at 8am (what the @!#$) for the US Work and Travel interview. Hope I get it.

Praise God. Mid-term results were pretty good (in my opinion). Pray I don't slack off and let all the extra stuff I'm doing distract me. We're almost at December baby! Quite worried about the FA quiz next Friday though. Wish it didn't have to fall on ASOC Day! Argh!


Friday, October 21

More ASOC Day publicity photos. Some of them look really professional. Boon Seer looking at...err... herself.

You put me in a dress and you want me to smile?

I think Ron makes a pretty good Hades.

Thursday, October 20

28 October Friday. ASOC Day 2005. Greek Style!

Yes. They did have laptops then.

Hades digs Aphrodiite.

It's tough being a god.

Wednesday, October 19

Touch Me And I Will Kill You

I'd like to think I can handle stress very well. LIKE TO.


OK I feel better now. I shall go and watch Goal with the PUNJers now, and forget about the Stats assignment due next Friday, persuasive letter writing test tomorrow, communications report due tomorrow, financial accounting quiz next Friday, ASOC Day next Friday, SPD powerpoint slides due on Friday, PUNJ games which I'm helping to plan, solo communications presentation coming up in 2 weeks, paired LTB assignment due soon, the....


4m radius away from me. 4 f@#$% METRES!

Monday, October 17

I'll Stop Procrastinating. Tomorrow.

Two group projects and one paired assignment due. One solo presentation coming up, haven't done much for that yet. FA Quiz next week.

And so, the mid term break (some might say "what break?") is over, and it's back to the usual lessons. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to motivate myself in subjects that I really have little passion in. Financial accounting to be precise. Stats is pretty boring but straightforward.

Communications and LTB are pretty enjoyable actually. In fact I really enjoy LTB, mainly because of the fabulous group I have (go hamsters!), really great people to work with, Ben, Yiling, Peg, Chris and Jinshu. Thank God for them. =)And I think our project is really meaningful, and we're actually doing something that benefits SPD(hopefully).

Reading the Business Times or the money page of The Straits Times helps to bring FA to life somewhat, but I really have little interest in the dealings of companies here in Corporate Singapore. I guess I'll just have to force myself to be interested. I can be driven if I strongly believe in the importance of something. FA just doesn't bring out that drive in me. I really should stop talking like this and convince myself otherwise.

I think I shall watch Blade Runner now.

Windsurfing pics. Thanks for the shots Gav!

Ok we're up. Now where's the WIND?!


Sunday, October 16

The Victory Rests With The Lord

Kayaking at Kallang Basin, navigation at Marina City Park, taking turns on the bike at East Coast Park, "Jumaring" (ascending) up Benjamin Sheares Bridge, and what had to be the highlight, abseiling down 10 storeys from the Benjamin Sheares Bridge, with the skyline in full view, the Ace Adventure Race was quite an experience.

Daniel, Danny and I started off at 11pm, and crossed the finish line at about 5am. Total distance covered: about 30km. There was a LOT of running, and I am ever so grateful for the honey gel Danny brought. Could have gotten back earlier, but spent about a total of one hour and a half waiting to jumar/kayak/abseil.

Cherry shared with us this verse before the race began:

Proverbs 21:31

31 The horse is made ready for the day of battle,
but victory rests with the LORD.

The verse kept resounding in my head as the race wore on. Such a good and timely reminder. You can prepare all you want, but ultimately, without God, you can never win. It really is not by my strength alone.

Proverbs 21:31. Indeed.

Saturday, October 15

Race Day. T-minus 5 Hours.

Well I'm cycling down to SMU from home now. Using my bike for the Team Biathlon portion of the ACE Adventure Race. The start point is going to be at Esplanade Park. It really is convenient to have school in town, can put stuff in the locker and all. The end point? They'll only reveal the checkpoints as we go along.

Reporting time 9pm. Flag off time 11pm. Finishing time? Hopefully before 4-5am, since the cycling portion has be removed =( (The Gahmen don't allow us to cycle on the roads at night. Sigh.)

I really don't know what I'm in for, but I'm going in expecting the worse, abrasions, fatique, cramps and all. Why the heck did I sign up for this again? I guess I'll find out at the finish line. In the meantime, you can say a prayer for Danny, Daniel and me.

Use your imagination.

Hur Hur! Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk *Snort*

Eric "Ching-Chong-Chinaman" Chiam, Gabe, and the mysterious middle finger.

Friday, October 14

Pimping My Stuff

The mid-term break's almost over. Must say it's been really productive. Meeting up with friends, frisbee competition, CF@ Botanics, windsurfing at East Coast (thanks JJ, Gavin!), finishing up projects and assignments.

ACE Adventure Race on Saturday 6pm. Hopefully Daniel, Danny and I will be able to complete it safely. Gulp. And pray we don't take more than 8 hours. That's as much energy as I have.

Anyways, I'm starting a "Send-Gabe-to-Ohio/York/Kathmandu-fund", no competition to any other funds out there. =p. If I'm gonna do some travelling next year I gotta start saving up now (I should have started ages ago actually).

I got a few things I wanna sell, so if any of you happen to wanna buy any of these things, just drop me a mail at

1. Imation DVD R/RW External Drive. 16x16x8x6x4 Usual price S$300. I'm selling it for $199!!! click herefor the specs.

2. Nike Stand Up Speak Up bands. Don't worry, they're still in the original wrapper and haven't been worn. $6 bucks a piece.

3. ORIGINAL Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty for the PC. In mint condition!$22

My calculations say I need $5k by next May. Any job lobangs please do tell!

Thursday, October 13

SMUBE's 2nd Anniversary Pics. Elvis, Eric, Gabe, Obi-Wan Kenobi. A big thank you for the photos Eric! Nice dress. heh heh.

Twins. Mmmm.

Sheikh Haikel, Elvis and Charlie Chaplin. The gang's all here.


Elvis always gets the girls.

My Big Fat Greek Photoshoot


ASOC Day's coming up. Grace and I agreed to be emcees for the event. What wasn't stated was how we had to dress up as Greek Gods and Goddesses for the publicity photoshoot. I'm supposed to be the God of Wine. Hic. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 12

The Wonders Of Technology

Thank God for Skype. =)

Sunday, October 9

Christmas Isn't THAT Long From Now

I'll be fine as long as I keep my mind occupied. So what's happening Gabe?

Went down to AJC this morning for the ACE Adventure Race Proficiency Test on abseiling and jumaring. Jumaring's basically climbing up 2 ropes using these clips, or jumars (hence the term jumaring). You move the clips up on each rope one at a time to ascend Damn shack man, I gotta work on my momentum.

Played soccer this afternoon with the True Way folks. It was so good to see them all again, especially Terence, Vince and Weiliang. Fun stuff la. We went down to the NTU field at Hall 6 to have a kick about. Was trying to contain "Crespo" (One of the Thai dudes wearing a Chelsea jersey, I forgot his name! =/ )for the whole match down the right flank. Managed to score one, sort of, the other team headed my cross into the own goal la. Oops.

Adjourned to John's house for dinner with his family. It's been so long since I've tasted Dee Kor's (Second Aunt) cooking. Sedap!

It's the mid term break! Ultimate Frisbee Competition tomorrow at Bishan Park, Christian Fellowship Fun Day at Botanics on Tuesday, FA project meet up on Wed, Sentosa with the FA class on Thursday, and Friday...well I'll think of something to do.

You know, I really love how SMU just gives us so many opportunities to do cool stuff overseas. Cycling in the Himalayas, Sail trip to Pulau Aur. The one that I’m really interested in though, is the US Work and Experience Programme next Summer ( May to August). The interview’s in 2 weeks, and if I manage to get it, I’ll be working at Cedar Point next summer! Cedar Point is one of the best roller coaster theme parks in the world, if you’re wondering.

Hoping to go for exchange in my 3rd year. Yes it’s a long way off, but must plan right? I really want to go Israel. SMU has an exchange agreement with IDC Herzliya, in Herzliya. A week long holiday there just isn’t enough. I want to experience the culture, the people, walk where Jesus walked (physically I mean), and see the places we always read about in the Bible. I just think it would really give reading the Bible a whole new perspective. How cool would it be to study Jewish history in an Israeli University? I guess safety’s an issue, but if God calls you to go, don’t think you can do anything about it right?

I’m looking forward to Christmas. =)

Thursday, October 6

You Know You're Stressed When...

1. You start popping lakerol pastilles at a rate of one per 30 sec.

2. The Prof is teaching how to estimate the sample proportion, but all you hear is "you're pretty screwed for mid terms."

3. Your hand starts tracing sigma and venn diagrams involuntarily.

I just had my Stats mid-terms and it was a lot tougher than I thought it would be. Was quite unsure about some of the questions, and I'm pretty sure I'm wrong for some of those I'm sure about (It's always the case!Ha!)

Ah well. Mid-term break's a coming!

Wednesday, October 5


I really like sunsets. Posted by Picasa


I miss the kids Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 4



I'm more concerned about how to use Skype than my Stats mid-terms on Thursday.

Sunday, October 2


Pastor Chris' message really hit me. We were continuing the series of talks on Revelation, and it really is some seriously scary stuff. Today's sermon was on 'Visions Of The End', check out Revelation 15 and 16 to read the context.

Thought I'd share a bit on the false prophets bit, although it isn't the main point of the message.

In this week's sermon and the last by Pastor Boon Yong, both spoke briefly on false prophets. The danger is, false prophets don't usually say blatant lies, they usually speak half truths, so it's tough to distinguish what's right and wrong. On the topic of false prohpets, Pastor Chris specifically spoke about certain people that speak so much about the blessings that God wants to give us, that they forget to bring in the wrath of God. Worse still, some even say that if you believe in Jesus, you will never fall sick, and if you do, it's because you don't have enough faith. LIES!

Such messages are twisted and fail to give people the complete picture of God's Word to us. We really have to discern and flee from the false prophets who deliver them.

I can understand why the prosperity message is so popular though. Who wouldn't want to hear that God wants to bless them? And who wants to hear about judgement, punishment, hell. Who wants people to tell them to change the way they live? Sometimes, the truth is a bitter pill to swallow. The prosperity message is easy for people to accept, because it's WHAT PEOPLE WANT TO HEAR. Nobody likes to hear about suffering.

God loves us all. So why is there suffering in our world? Come on down this Friday, 5pm at SMU to find out. SMU Christian Fellowship is having a talk on "God and Suffering". It will get interesting.

Someone Remind Me Why I Signed Up For This

Daniel, Danny and I went down to Bukit Timah Hill on Sunday morning, 7am, to do a little training for the ACE Adventure Race coming up in 2 weeks. So with our Camelbaks strapped on, we started running the undulating terrain for the next hour and a half.

"You know, about 2 or 3 hours into these trainings, I always ask myself 'what the heck am I doing here?'."

"Seriously? I usually ask myself that within the first hour."

"Ha! But when you finally cross the finish line on race day, you look back and you're satisfied and glad you went through all these experiences."

"That kinda sounds like life doesn't it? At the end of it all, I would want to say, I've run the good race."



Let's. Let's run the good race.