Tuesday, January 31

Happy New Year Folks!

Friday, January 27

Take Back The Kitchen

There's a rat running around my kitchen! This is war! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!


I used to be more motivated than this. Damn nua for some reason. Bleagh.

Wednesday, January 25

I want to see the world again.

Tuesday, January 24

That's pretty funny.

Zhicheng and me. Writing reports are NOT fun.

JJ attempting to sell Tim a "jacuzzi"

Steady Bom Pee Pee


Yeah! One major presentation down. Had our Business Law presentation today, and our Prof seemed to think we did a good job! It was a good idea to volunteer to be the first group to present. Leaves us a lot more time to do other things as the term gets more hectic. Plus, I'm sure the presentation questions are just going to get harder with time. Good job guys! Law Watch! Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 23


Got to be a tour guide for the VIPs with Xiaomin during SMU's City Campus Opening Celebrations last Friday. Most of the guests were CEOs of major companies and ministers. Before the guests came, we were made to line up and every pair would just take a group of 15 distiguished guests around the school, so it was totally random. You can imagine how nervous Xiaomin and I were when we were told that the both of us would have to bring Chief Justice Yong Pung How around the campus with a few other guests. I mean, this man IS THE LAW (no, not like Judge Dredd).

Brought the group to the Networked Seminar Rooms, the Concourse, the $400k gym (which they were very impressed with), and just gave them statistics about the school and what SMU is all about. It was particularly intimidating because CJ Yong kept asking us questions, such as the gender ratio in SMU, and why there are more girls than guys (he seemed to imply that Singaporean ladies are smarter than their male counterparts. OUI!). He asked about our opinion on being able to teach creativity (something SMU prides itself on) and whether it was realistically possible, and whether SMU students had more opportunities than their NUS/NTU counterparts.

It was quite an experience being able to interact with a man of such stature and very often it's so easily to get overwhelmed with this imaginary "aura" around such people. The way I calm myself down is to tell myself that this person is still, after all, a man. Human. Like you and me. Don't get me wrong, I do not disrespect people of high status in society. I do acknowledged that such people deserve the respect for getting to where they are in life. There is, however, a thin line between respecting someone, and putting that someone on a pedestal that it borders on idolatry.

After all, we are all human, and death is the equalising factor among all men. When we do pass on from this world, our social standing, material wealth and other worldly concepts would mean nothing. It's so comforting to know that there is life after death through believing in Jesus.

Only God deserves to be on that pedestal.

Saturday, January 21

Congrats Pris and Albie!!! :)

Glad to be here.

Govin, Ah Loong and me. Keeping it real.

That's right. Look to Christ.

This is SMU.

The people involved. (Some of them at least)

The party.

The official opening.

The gathering

The man.

Tuesday, January 17

Hey Kids! Saving Money Is Fun!

Gonna be doing some roadshows for POSB at primary school assemblies in the next few weeks, to encourage them to save money and open a bank account with POSB. Check out what we have to rap!

Saving is easy
Like A B C
Saving is fun
For you and me

Take a little money
and put it away.
Take it out later
And you'll say yay!

So remember what I said
and remember what you learned
'cos any money saved
is more money earned!

Saving is easy
Like A B C
Saving is fun
For you and me! YEAH!

HAHAHA! Hillarious!

Monday, January 16


Alright, so I've been going around telling people to update their blogs, cos it's such a good way to keep in touch with what's going on in people's lives even if we can't meet. And yet, *gasp*, I haven't been updating myself! So here goes.

The beginning of the term has been hectic to say the least, what with all the projects coming up. I think most of us feel the urge to finish up the projects fast, so that we can concentrate on the exams. This term's definately more interesting than the last.

Let me just tell you about the BGS module I'm taking. We're suppose to do a project on "business ethics", and it requires us to pick an industry and analyse if there is a potential for ethics to be breached in the course of business. Past projects include insurance companies, medical practices, KTV lounges, and even massage parlours. One group even went to Batam and compared the prostitution scene there to the one in Geylang.

The whole idea is to include the elements of Business, Government and Society, and see how each of the elements affect one another. Looks like it's gonna be another eye opening experience. Prof Yeoh is probably going to organise an excursion to Batam for us to check out the Singaporean industrial parks there, for us to see for ourselves the difference in work ethic between Singaporeans and Indonesians.

It's just going to be a lot of reading for the other modules, especially Business Law and Management Accounting. Analytical Skills frustrates at times, but it's quite satisfying when you get the answer (or at least what you THINK is the right answer).

School aside, there're quite a few things lined up for me. Still continuing with the Nanyang Boys Brigade kids on Saturday mornings, which I admit, it's been quite a struggle waking up just to reach NYPS by 730am (which explains why I'm late most of the time =p)

There's gonna be lots of new changes in store for PUNJ, especially when ARPC moves to Bishan temporarily in April. Hoping to continue learning more from 1 John, and I really pray my hectic school life won't take priority over church and fellowship with church mates.

Hoping to get more exposure and make some cash on the side with the emcee opportunities coming up. Primary school assemblies, shopping centre roadshows, it'll be a real challenge with the different audiences I'll have to adapt to.

And yet, with all these things happening, I just pray I won't get distracted and neglect my walk.


Thursday, January 12

Looking ahead.

Wednesday, January 11

New Year Day Fireworks @ The Neptune

Happy people. =)

Been watching movie trailers. This one looks good.
click here!

Looks promising. Agent Smith is in it.

Monday, January 9

OK I'll Post Something

Alright Gavin, I'll get off my lazy ass and post something.

Just that the last few weeks have been so busy and I'm out most of the time. When I do eventually get home, it's just to laze around in the living room and chit chat with my family or to sleep.

Things are slowly picking up in school. All my groups for the various modules have been formed, and the workload is slowly (but surely) coming in. For me, the modules this term are a lot more interesting than the some of which we had to endure last term (Statistics can only get sooo interesting).

Priorities for this term? Don't get overloaded like I did last term. Took up way too many committments. Thank God I came out alive. I regret not getting to know the SMU peeps better last term, and this holiday I didn't go out with any of them! That's the reason i kinda felt a bit lonely in school last semester. I mean, I'm really glad I had the opportunity to meet so many people across the board in SMU, through the various events I participated in (classmates, SMUBE, Run team, Christian Fellowship, Ultimate frisbee, etc.), but I guess I only knew a bit about everyone. There wasn't anybody in school that I felt super close to. Things have got to change this sem.

For me, the school term only starts this Thursday. Sigh. It's time to seriously get back to business. I've got some catching up to do. Plod plod plod. =)

Maybe I should shave my legs. No?

Lazy A$$

Been too busy to blog of late. So decided to make up for it by posting lots of photos. Enjoy.

Friday, January 6

Anybody have $4k to spare? Sigh.

Class of 2000, 4.9 Elijah. Don't bother guessing where I am. *gulp*

And so Eu Jern, Edwin, Marc Ho and me decided to head back to AC, where we've spent some of the best 4 years of our lives, to visit the people that made all the difference.

Marc Ho you think you're so cool.

What I had for most of my 4 years of recesses.

Met up with a few teachers.Cheery ol' Ms Fiona Ho.

Mrs. Pat Thong

Xiao Ji Aunties

Kwoh Siew Lay!

Last but not least. Uncle Kenneth!

The new ACS(I)

That building ain't right.

Thursday, January 5


Wednesday, January 4

Queen of Narnia. Guardian of the Cheesecake.

Tuan Nian Fan

See you soon mate.

So high we fly.


It's Raining Men

The only ladies in my Business Law and BGS classes are the professors. Oh my. I hope they don't get too intimidated by us.

Monday, January 2

2.30am @ Li Chuan's. Incriminating Photos..

Sunday, January 1

PUNJ Camp 2005 photos. Iron Chef Lee and Me.

Groovy shirt Huiling!

Locked out. Again.

Oh behave!

Linette mei-mei and Kate mei-mei

Pooja practicing for Finale night

What Pooja was practicing for

One of those poserish moods.