Sunday, April 30

JFK's grave

Arlington Cemetary

Forrest Gump was here too.

D.C. Union Station

Waiting for the Subway

Capitol Hill

The ceiling of the Capitol hill dome

Saturday, April 29

OG Outing.

North Korean human rights protest at Capitol Hill

Possible album cover

Lincoln Memorial

This is D.C.

Wednesday, April 26

Wall Street

Taming the Charging Bull

The part of the bull they don't usually let you see

Lady Liberty.

This is NYC.

Hop on the magic school bus!

Monday, April 24

NYC. Day 2.

Metropolitan Museum of Art. Times Square. Watched "The Producers" on Broadway. United Nations building. Empire State Building.

What a day.


The famous Times Square naked cowboy.

Can you believe this is indoors at the Met?

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Walk like an Eygytian.

Sunday, April 23

Like in the movies. NYPD! Freeze!

Times Square

Saturday, April 22

From 10000m Above The Atlantic

Technology rocks. They now have wireless on SQ! This post is coming to you from 10000m above the Atlantic Ocean. I just had a 12 hour flight from Singapore to Frankfurt, Germany. Now on the second leg, Frankfurt to New York, takes about 8 hours. Already 3 hours into the flight. Time’s passing by quite quickly surprisingly. Watching movies and sleeping a bit to kill time. The Producers is hilarious. Think it’s opening in Singapore soon.

While I’m really excited about what the next few weeks hold, I left Singapore in a somewhat somber mood. I visited my granduncle in hospital the afternoon before leaving. He’s in the final stage of lung cancer. Went with my parents and my grandma, whom he’s very close to. While I’m not close to granduncle, since I only see him on the occasional family gatherings, to see anyone in such a state just overwhelms you. He was mentally alert, completely aware of his surroundings, but his body was failing him. By his bedside, someone had stuck a copy of the sinner’s prayer. “Gu-gong” believes in Jesus, thankfully.

I couldn’t help putting myself into his shoes, thinking what was going through his mind. He was trying hard to communicate, yet his body wouldn’t let him, with his lung full of fluids and the constant need for the oxygen mask impairing his speech. I would feel so helpless and frustrated, wanting to tell my family and friends that I love them, but not being able to. It then dawned on me that such a scenario was actually possible when I grow old. Scary, yet real.

I don’t know if I’ll see “Gu-gong” again, since i'll only be back in august, but it is comforting to know that all who believe in Jesus and repent will find eternal rest.

Will be touring New York for the next 3 days, before leaving on a bus from Chinatown to Washington D.C. on Tuesday morning. Catch you guys soon. Miss you all.

Tuesday, April 18

Prof Leong and Prof Low whooped our asses in pool. Really.

The most intense foosball match I've ever played. Profs vs. Students. Students won by a hair. 3 games to 2.

Just chanced upon this. Woo! Check out those legs! (Gavin's i mean)

Whoa! What's happening to gravity?!

Taking The A-Train. Soon.

Gosh. The New York subway system is an intimidating mess. I think finding my way to my hostel in Midtown Manhatten from JFK Airport will be an adventure on its own. Hope I get the hang of it.

It's been a mad rush the past couple of days, meeting up with people I won't see for a while. While planning for the US trip.

Went back to NJ today with SMU-NJ peeps. Tiff, Eric, Moses. Angela was there with her friend too. It's definately changed a lot since we've been there.

The fried chicken noodle portions have less fried chicken, more noodle. The Cheng Tng auntie doesn't recognise me anymore. They've painted a lot of pastel colours all around the school, in an attempt to counter the infamous light-absorbing-fire-proof-water-proof-nuclear holocaust-proof grey nj uniforms. Oh and, most of my teachers have left, sadly. So much so that I didn't even bother to look up the teachers in the staff room.

Ran some errands at NUS and met Twohill, my good-ol buddy from OCS days. Good catching up with him.

Frisbee at Bishan Park tmr morn. Better turn in.

Sunday, April 16

Indeed. Han did shoot first.

I've a really bad habit of not washing my boots immediately after a football match. Hopefully getting a white pair will make me wash it more.


Big congrats to Bee Him and Wei Hsiung!!! Went for their wedding today, and had time to kill before meeting friends at Loof @ Odeon Towers. Really nice chill out place. Because it's outdoors and on the roof of Odeon Towers, drinks are half price when it rains. Hur hur.

Spent my time looking for travel books at Esplanade and National Library, and snapped some pictures along the way. Enjoy.

This is home.

This reminds me of Kung Fu Hustle for some reason.

Benjamin Sheares.


Flower and the Flower Girl

In good company.

Loof @ Odeon Towers

Saturday, April 15

At Least We'll Both Be In York

Sigh, although I'll be in the new one.

Any suggestions as to what to do in NYC? BIG THANK YOU TIFF for giving me your NY itenary!!! So far I've got the following places to visit:

1. NYSE and Wall Street
2. Be one of the psycho fans on MTV's Total Request Live, at MTV's Times Square Studios
3. Radio City
4. NBC Studio Tours.
5. Ground Zero
6. Tour Trump Tower. Film a spoof of "The Apprentice"
7. Gaze at the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island
8. Have a nice morning jog at Central Park
9. Go see the United Nations HQ (subject to Homeland Security threat level. Yeah right)
10. Carnegie Hall
11. Madison Square Garden
12. Yankee Stadium (although I'm not a baseball fan)
13. Broadway. Watch a musical...if i find a US$100 bill on the sidewalk.
14. Shop for cool stuff you can't find in SG.

I need more suggestions!


April managed to get 2 free tickets for the Chelsea-Liverpool FA Cup Semi-Finals at Old Trafford next week!


I'm flying to New York on that day, transiting at Frankfurt. Maybe I could pop by Manchester from Frankfurt!!!


Return tickets from Frankfurt to Manchester are going at 28USD!!!


But I've already booked the flights and SIA won't let me change the timings!!!


Friday, April 14


Wednesday, April 12

Save Our PAP

Business Law paper in 10 hours. The last of it. Took a break just now and watched the dialogue session that MM Lee Kuan Yew had with a group of under-30s, the post-independence generation of Singapore. Yes, if you're reading this blog, most likely you'll fall under this category.

I was particulary interested in watching because Alvina (our beloved former president of SMUBE) and Kenneth (who tutored me physics while I was in sec 4) were part of the group.

One of the girls stood out, and I felt, in not such a good way. To me she came across as quite rude when addressing MM Lee, and she cut off some of the others when they were mid-way through their questions. The questions mainly centered around, how the PAP was getting too powerful, and that we should give a level playing field to the opposition parties. They were also questioning the purpose of the opposition since, well let's face it, they don't pose much of an opposition at all.

I think MM Lee answered the questions really well, and I agreed with him on most points. Come on, seriously, which party in the world would want to give the opposition party a level playing field, give concessions, or worse still, give them advantages? Where got such thing?

"Eh... you sweep all the other GRCs already, give chance la...just give me Tampines or Potong Pasir." Right.

I understand the need for credible opposition, because if we let things be, and if the PAP, God forbid, becomes corrupt in the future, there will be no checks and balances to remove the corrupt politicians. That said, we sure as hell shouldn't vote the opposition, just because we don't like to see the PAP get too powerful. If they're doing a good job, which they are, then why not vote them in? The opposition has to sort itself out and bring in the talent, but it doesn't seem likely at the moment, seeing as how most of the brighter people are joining the PAP. (No offense to Chiam See Tong and his crew. I still think he's cool)

I agreed with one of the issues brought up, that the way the JB Jeyaratnam lawsuit was handled, was a bit high handed. Surely there wasn't a need to sue him till bankruptcy? I see poor old JBJ at City Hall MRT now while on my way to school, selling his ideologies and convincing fellow Singaporeans to stand up for their rights. He gets ignored most of the time, sadly.

I was wondering, if I were someone around my Dad's age, the generation who witnessed Singapore's phenomenal rise from third-world nation to first, I would be frickkin pissed at the way some of the questions were asked. Totally undermined the efforts of the government to bring Singapore to where it is today. Have we, the post-independence generation, taken Singapore's prosperity for granted? Then again, do we even care about Singapore's politcal scene?

There really has to be more awareness about the political system in Singapore. Reminds me about the conversation I had with Daphne, Siang and co. the other day. Daph was saying that in the UK, they teach politics in schools at about JC level, about Labour, Conservative and all. I agree it's seriously needed in Singapore, if you don't want us to turn into a nation that doesn't think for itself, and lets the government's opinions be our opinions.

Tsk. I think studying all that business law really made me "lor-soh". Ah well. Our generation needs to be more politically aware and not assume the PAP will win it all the time. Guess we could all start by learning who's running in our GRCs.

What's that you say? No need? Cos' it's a walkover in your GRC? Oh well.

Tuesday, April 11

Construction 101

Our BGS Presentation video on Unethical Business Practices in the Construction Industry. The video highlights the situations some foreign workers face in Singapore. Unreasonable agency fees, safety issues, and unsatisfactory living conditions.

I had fun doing our BGS projects. Bobbs, Ben, Dicky, Jason. You guys rock. =)

Gabriel Tan v Business Law (2006)

Taking a short break from reading Biz Law. The story so far... Lord Wilberforce is currently getting jacked for using his 2-stage test to prove duty of care in law of tort. Other than that, not much juicy news.

In the midst of exams now. Management Accounting yesterday was very doable, thank God. Analytical Skills this morning was quite a mind trip (modus pollens, modus tollens, modus anus, etc.) as usual. Everyone came out of the exam with different answers.

Final paper on Thursday- the defendent: Biz Law 101. You better know your legal rights boy, cos' I'm gonna sue! For negligence, for misrepresentation, for physical and economic damage, in contract law and in tort (Ok I know I can't double claim). I was under undue influence, and much physical duress. Promisory estoppel this Andrew P***g (and Benny T)I'M GONNA SUE!

On a lighter note, we got our BGS grades back and our group did really really well! We were doing the construction industry if you remember, and I'll post the video we did for the presentation...once I figure out how YouTube works.

Ah well, enough from me. 10 days to New York Cit-taaaaay!

Seemed like yesterday.

Friday, April 7

Remember Kids, Drink Milk Everyday...

Evelyn (Nana) and Me (Coach, the psycho PE teacher)

...and save money!

Mervyn (The Evil Godfather),Me (Ah Boy) and Evelyn (The Savings Godmother)


Colossians 3:23-24

23Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, 24since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.

Wounded For Our Transgressions

Taken from today's Daily Bread:

"A man who was deeply troubled by his sins was having a vivid dream in which he saw Jesus being savagely whipped by a soldier. As the cruel scourge came down upon Christ's back, the onlooker shuddered, for the terrible cords left ugly, gaping wounds upon His bleeding, swollen body. When the one wielding the lash raised his arm to strike the Lord again, the man rushed forward to stop him. As he did, the soldier turned, and the dreamer was startled to see his own face!

He awoke in a cold sweat, conscious that his sin had inflicted this grievous punishment upon the Savior. As he thought of Christ's suffering, he remembered these words in Isaiah 53:5, "He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed."

Sometimes I wonder if I really understand the implications of my actions. Forgive me.

Wednesday, April 5

Fun for 111

Didn't realise it until I notified Mindef about my 4 month US trip, but I'll be away for a total of 111 days, from 21 April till 9 August. Nice number. I tend to make bo liao observations when I should be doing more important things. Quick. Buy 4D or something.

Sunday, April 2

The best boss in the world. Capt Evelyn!

Blast from the not-so-distant past. Those were the days where bad haircuts didnt matter.

I'm really glad we still meet up! Cheers guys. NJ 01S06!

Saturday, April 1

Practicality Vs. Passion

It's something I've struggled with throughout my life. Do you do what you're passionate about, even though it'll probably not reap much returns, or do you do what's practical for you, because you know it'll reap more returns, even if you know you won't enjoy it that much?

I guess if you asked me what degree I really wanted to pursue, I would have gone for Comm Studies at NTU. Journalism and media studies was an exciting prospect then. I don't regret doing accounting @ smu though, the people and the opporutnites that it has presented me have been amazing. But now, as I look at some of the accounting core modules I have to take within the next few years, it makes me cringe.

Issues like when I'm going to go for exchange, or what second major I intend to take are surfacing. Some of my friends want to finish the course in 3 and a half years, while I'm perfectly fine with finishing it in the recommended 4. I'm also seriously considering doing a second major in Corporate Communications, although it's quite unheard of for an Accounting undergrad to take such a combination. Most do a second major in Finance or Law. Again it's a question of practicality. A finance of law double major would be a lot more in demand than a corp comms one, although i know i will definately enjoy corp comms modules more.

It's funny how I keep questioning why I'm studying in smu whenever the exams draw near.

The Occasional Introvert

From time to time, I just like eating meals by myself, walking around shopping centres aimlessly, or even just going cycling on my own. I'm intrigued by what some of my friends think, saying that it's weird just doing activities on my own.

I don't understand how some people think that you always have to surround yourself with people whenever you're doing things. I feel that you should be comfortable with yourself and just do things at your own time. Be secure with yourself.

After a long day of conversations and interactions with friends in school, I enjoy taking the bus home alone, and just sit there and be still. Taking the time to step back and look at the current state of my life, just to reflect and see if there's anything I could do better. It sure beats worrying about the tasks or datelines that I have yet to meet.

Am I weird? Well if I am, I'm happy being that way.