Sunday, May 30

Hey ho guys....yeah. Decided that I should keep the blog alive after all, after some thought that I do need some way to keep track of my activities. OK! Let's have a fresh start today... will TRY to update my blog as much as possible.

I just got back from church @ TRUE WAY. Came back home to get my footy stuff. The usual practice with church folks at Bishan Park. Today's sermon was really meaningful. It was about The Gift of Life. we're not talking about sex education here. The sermon was about the gift of ETERNAL life that we receive when we accept Jesus as our personal LORD and saviour. The pastor, Rev Au, gave many testimonials about his church members.

He also gave a good example of how natuarally self-centered we ALL are. When you take home a newly developed photograph of a group photo, who's the first face you look for?
And if we wanna enlarge the picture and frame it up, does it matter to us how others in the photo look? Well, i'm sure the answers for most of us are mostly the same. We tend to focus a lot on ourseleves in other instances too...

One testimonial Rev Au gave in particular stood out. He recounted how an elderly grandmother had approached him and shared with him that at her father's deathbed, her dad was hysterical and gripped with fear. The father kept asking for help from his children who were surrounding him, saying that there were half human-demon forms trying to take him away to a place where he did not want to go. It was unusual 'cos this woman's father was usually calm, but the fear in his eyes was so extreme.The children could not see the demons that the father says were surrounding him. The father described the demons as carrying ropes and chains, and pleaded with the children not to let them take him away. The grandmother's father died in fear.

The elderly grandmother then went on to share that at her mother's deathbed, it was a totally different scene. Her mother had accepted Christ into her heart, and told her children that the only way they would all be reunited, would be if all her children accepted Jesus as their saviour. On the hospital bed, she then started to describe that she saw the heavens open up, and human figures clad in white, reaching out to her to shake her hand. Of course, her children could only see the hospital ceiling lights when they stared upwards. The elderly woman's mother passed on peacefully.

I suppose most pple consider it morbid to talk about death. Especially at a young age when we have the mentality that we're immortal. But it's inevitable that we WILL have to pass on eventually. The poor folks at the nicoll highway incident didn't kno it was the last time they would see their families when they reached their worksite. The young Air Force pilot that crashed his plane didn't know it would be his last time taking off the runway. The question isn't IF we have to die, rather WHEN . Heaven and Hell is a reality and when he time comes, it would really suck to be dragged away by demonic creatures to the burning depths after leading a sinful life.

When you think about the big picture, that eventually we'll end up either in heaven or hell, all these earthly days seem so trivial. Do you believe in heaven or hell, or do believe in God for that matter? I don't mean to sound preachy, but you really should ask yourself about it. I hope we can all have a huge party in the big home in the sky someday, and it would be great if all of us could be there.