Friday, January 19

Must Stand Firm

It's close to a month since I've posted anything. Haven't had the time to blog really. This term is probably the busiest I'm ever been so far, but yet, there is a sense of peace that I'm finally getting my priorities right, and that I'm putting my time into the things that matter more.

The December holidays were fantastic! They were spent in Penang with my Tau Sar Piah brothers (Tim, Ellie and Ah Long), eating, shopping and trying to evangelise to th random taxi driver or the random guy sitting next to us on the plane.

Spent time hanging out with April and her family. There was lots of Christmas shopping to do, which in my opinion, takes more stamina to do than a biathlon. Apes and I visited the National Museum just off SMU (pretty swanky, you guys should all check it out). Watched Budak Pantai live at the Esplanade, which was amazing and such a great surprise from April =).

Also did my last activity with the Nanyang Primary School Boys' Brigade, at their three day end-of year camp. The boys were just fantastic, and we had a real blast playing laser quest at the Sembawang BB Campsite (Those from the SAF, think a better version of the MILES system that works), giving out gifts to the needy during the BB Sharity Gift Box, and just learning more about Jesus and his character.

It wasn't an easy decision to leave the Boys' Brigade, as I really enjoyed working with my fellow officers, and just mingling with the boys. It's such a great ministry and if you're looking for a place where you're allowed to evangelise in schools, the BB is a fantastic opportunity.

This semester will really be about focusing on SMUCF, and the upcoming April Bible Retreat. Much wisdom and guidance needed. I'm also praying that I don't get too caught up in academics till it consumes me. It's very easy to get sucked in.

Feels like I'm walking a thinner tightrope than last year, but at least I'm more focused on where I'm heading. Must stand firm in the Gospel.