Wednesday, September 29

Well I'm still not completely over the bike incident.

Sigh, it hurts me to see those grotesque scratches on my gear shifts. A painful reminder of Daniel's misadventure. FUDGE!

Tuesday, September 28

Argh....God give me strength. I am soooo pissed.

My bro, Dan crashed my bike while riding it out just now. Thank God he wasn't seriously hurt. Just a few cuts and bruises.

What pisses me off isn't so much the fact that the bike was damaged, but I 'm angry with Dan for not being more careful. I was quite reluctant to lend him the bike just now, cos well...he can be reckless at times. I wish he didn't prove me right.

It pisses me off even more when I think of all the effort I took to keep my bike in tip-top condition. All that effort for nought.

I don't even know if Dan's even sincerely sorry for it. He seems to think he can make it all well by just buying new parts, and sending the bike for repair. That's not the frickin' point Dan. The damage to the bike can be easily repaired, but it'll take a lot longer for you to gain back my trust in you. Why am I writing this? It's definately a better way of taking out my frustrations than directing it at Dan.

The gears are deeply scratched. The front wheel is unstable. The front light broke off. Some paintwork scratched off... I am SOOO not gonna sleep well tonight.

Taken after Peiling and Alex's wedding. Chijmes looks stunning at night.

So AHM came and went...

In the end, it really was quite a bit of a anti-climax for me. I didn't even have to run the full 21km in the end! Let's just say it was an...admin lapse. Heh heh. think i'm more sore from Sunday afternoon @ SAJC actually! It was really fun! Got my cousins, Ah Chuan and Eng Chong to play with us. Unfortunately, we got our asses whooped by the Thais. Again. Scoreline? Err...lets just say... it was a very high scoring match.

Anyways, the weekend was very productive. A VERY BIG HURRAH, once again, for my cousin Peiling and now cousin-in-law, Alex who tied the knot on Saturday. Dinner at Chijmes was great! What's more, during certain intervals, me and my cousins sneaked out for a while to watch EPL games at the pubs outside! HAHA... oops.

I cycled to work on Monday morning. Was worried that I was late. Got to office about 815....ONLY TO FIND OUT THAT IT WAS AN OFF DAY! Given to let us recuperate after Sunday's Sheares Bridge Run! ARGH! Since I was in camp, I figured I take a swim before cycling back home. Not bad. A very healthy start t the morning.

Oh and Goodwood's Durian Mooncakes are really something...delish! Although they do cost 9 bucks a piece. Ouch.

Thursday, September 23

Spent quite a lot today.

Nice book, Post's cereal, this huge tub of protein powder which Keo recommended.

Finally got that book I've been waiting for! Dune: The Battle of Corrin! Rest in peace Frank Herbert. Dune is da bomb.


I am SO not ready for it man. I've not been joining the cadets for training, usually unable to wake up at the unearthly time of 530am. As much as I've been trying to train by myself, I really don't think it's helping much. Ahh well. Guess I'll just do what Iylia is doing and load up on Carbo right now anyway. Pasta for lunch and dinner till sunday! Heh.

Stayed over at Iylia's yesterday night with Satiish. We didn't plan it, but since his folks were out of town, and all 3 of us had nothing else to do at night, we figured we'd might as well catch a late nite movie, followed by some PS2 action at Iylia's before bedtime.

Today's bible study threw up some interesting questions. Nat was relating how his friend actually prayed for trials to happen in his bible study students' lives, so that they'll be tested. Reason being that, when we don't have trials, we tend not to rely on God. Yikes. Sounds pretty scary. It's a bit extreme to wish trials on others so that their faith will be strengthened isn't it? Won't trials come naturally anyway?

I wouldn't dare do that. If I ever say a prayer like that, I picture God saying, "OK! Here it comes!". And if the trial is something that turns out to be a total disaster, it COULD make you rely on God more, or it could make you turn away from Him completely.

Sigh. Hope Jeremy's knee recovers quick. It sucks working on things alone.

Friday, September 17

Ello ello! Supposed to be in some talk now, taking some photos and stuff.

Some guys from the Commandos came down to give a talk to our newly commissioning cadets. Well I'm pretty much done there, so decided to pop by the Cadet Mess' LAN shop to drop an entry.

Stayed over in office last night cos' I had to be up at 6am to help be an umpire for this thing called the Platoon Assault Course. It's a swim (in No. 4) followed by a 4km route march, and then the cadets have to carry their instructor in a stretcher for another 4km, before shooting targets with 5 rounds. After that, it's another 3km march back to the finish line. It's a race between 6 platoons, and it's the last exercise these cadets will be doing before they commission, so yeah...quite a significant event for them. Still remember my PAC. Miss those cadet days, ONLY FOR THE FRIENDS THOUGH! HA! Once is enough thank you.

And with that, another week comes to a close. Already I'm gonna be getting an understudy soon, which indicates ORD is not too far away! I foresee that come next March, I will suddenly find myself with so much time on my hands, that I'll really be at a lost as to what to do.

ANY ORD PLANS GUYS? Yeah backpacking is on the list, but that'll only take 2-3 weeks at most. Give tuition? Volunteer work? More involvment in church? The spirit is willing...but eh know the rest. Really gotta pray that I'll spend my time wisely la.

Thursday, September 16

Thanks for the company Shu, Eric.

Dinner was very enjoyable. With Shu relating all the quirky stuff happening in UCLA that would never happen here, well, not so openly at least.

Dodgeball was pretty funny, in the dumb moronic sorta way. Quoteworthy : " If you can dodge traffic, you can dodge balls." HAHA. But it still can't beat Harold and Kumar! Seriously!

Tuesday, September 14

happy tonight. =) oh and happy birthday shuying... hee! i got it right this time.

Monday, September 13

Movie of THE MONTH: Harold and Kumar go to White Castle!

Tuesday, September 7

I don't think I'll ever truly feel ready to serve...

I mean, no matter how much you know, there's always so much more to learn. Which is why I guess I really should stop giving the excuse that I can't serve because I'm not fully equipped with the Word. But then again, ya must at least have basic and strong fundamentals about your belief, before you try to pass it on to others.

In trying to take on a bible study grp, and get more involved with the youth group, I'm hoping it'll teach me more about my faith. As far as I'm concerned, I know Jesus did exist, and he DID die for us. The challenge now is that every now and then , pple ask me questions which I really have no answer to.

After reading The Da Vinci Code, it made me think about the implications of the book's claims. That if Jesus didn't really die and then rise again, then all of Christianity would be a lie. It's really up to us to find the facts and make the decision for ourselves... But it's so daunting, because there's just so much infomation out there, and to discern fact from fiction can be really tricky. Ha, reminds me of those good ol' days where the S06 guys would watch Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, and then guess which story was true...the winner got treated to ice kachang, frm the very popular NJ dessert stall. HEh.

Guess I'll just have to pray about it and see what God throws this way.

Monday, September 6

I was at HDB Hub at Toa Payoh on Sunday night, and the car park was jam packed. Saw this black Honda with its headlights on. Assuming that the guy inside was moving off, i took my position and got ready to go into the lot.

After a while, the guy didn't seem to budge. He was this unfriendly looking guy with his hair parted down the centre. The Chao Ah Beng look. So I looked at him and mouthed the words " ARe you going out?", signalling with my hands. The guy just gave me this cold blank stare. Thinking that he probably didnt see me the first time, I did the same. Mouthing the same words, moving my hands in a more exaggerated manner. All this while, he was giving me this really "buay song" look. My Dad, who was in the back seat with Mom, told me to use the horn, gently. That helped. He was looking really pissed now. So was I. Say something dumbass! Don't just stare.

That's when Mom said "Maybe we should get another lot". Taking her cue , I found another lot which was just left vacant. Upon completing my parking, I saw the Black Honda speed past me.

One more reason why I should always keep a baseball bat in the back seat.

Saturday, September 4

Got a runny nose.

*Sniff* Had PUNJ in the afternoon. And an enjoyable dinner with the PUNJ peeps. You're right Ellie. Dun really get to know the people till you have dinner with them. Heh. Had a nice chit chat with Eugene (Tan), Audrey and Marilyn.

Surprisingly, I had enough energy to last me through, inspite of last night's activities. Overnight cycling la...wat were you thinking. Got back at 7 am this morning. Thank God I got a ride. Dunno how I would have managed the cycle back. Covered a total dist. of 88 km yest! The company was great! Thanks Eug (Nai), Zeng Jia, Jing You, Kezheng and Jereme...Was great to see all of you. Changi Village is quite happening man... great food. Posted our exploits yesterday below! Go check it!

The overnight cycling route I took yesterday. Won't be doing it for a while. Got quite a sore ass...

Thursday, September 2

Thanks for yesterday. Really appreciate it. It's a good thing I drove to your place safely. Dunno if I was in the right state of mind. But it's better now. Heh.

Wednesday, September 1

Psychotic Episodes.

We all have them. Contrary to popular belief, psychos aren't just found in mental institutions or asylums. Scientific research has proven that every single one of us is prone to having psychotic episodes. It's a state of mind where the rational thought of someone is blured, leading to rash decisions being made, some with fatal consequences.

Some point in our lives, we've all gone through an experience where the emotional trauma is so great, for a split second, hurting yourself or others seems like the only rationale way to alleviate the pain. Financial difficulties. Divorce in the family. Retrenchment. Cancer. Loss of a loved one. Rejection.

Can u really call people who commit suicide stupid? If you were placed in their shoes, you could very well do the same. It's scary.

For a split second this afternoon, I was at a lost. I won't say suicide crossed my mind. That's extreme. But I just couldn't think with rationale.

I need guidance. God don't you get sick of me always coming to you for help? I truly am ungrateful. Forgive me.