Friday, July 28

Why Am I Doing This Again?

I started blogging back in 2004, when I was in the army. I didn't have any real reason behind it, I just did it out of boredom, to kill time. It also seemed like a good way to let my friends know that I was still alive and well.

My reason for blogging slowly evolved into using the blog as a platform to share bits of messages from Church, that I thought would be useful to anybody who would happen to stumble upon this humble site. I really hoped the blog would be used to encourage people and ultimately, share with you (yes, you my dear reader), if you haven't heard already, the good news of Jesus.

Looking back at the past few months of posts, it seems that I've kind of lost focus (gross understatement there). It's all been about what I've been doing, or the people I've been meeting up with, the US trip, blah blah yakitty yak...trivial pieces of information about my life which you don't really need to know and shouldn't bother about.

As much as I question my motivation for updating this blog, I also wonder, why do you, dear reader, want to read this?

Saturday, July 22

Where On Earth Is Gabriel Tan?

April's coming back within the next 24 hours, so if you're trying to contact me over the next few days and you can't get me, now you know why. =)

Ski360 with the man.

I hoped to get some air, but I really should work on balancing first.

The basics

Cable skiing. Age is NOT a factor.

Wakeboarding buddy

Friday, July 21

Cable Skiing And Jellyfishing

It is SO GOOD to be back.

The taste of Crystal Jade's Xiao Long Bao after 3 months of cheeseburgers, chicken fingers and other American junk food is just DIVINE.

The past 4 days since I've been back has been pretty hectic meeting up with friends and just recovering from jet lag.

Went Cable Skiing with Wenz at EAst Coast Park yesterday. It's a lot cheaper than wakeboarding with a boat, it costs just 35 bucks for 2 hours, and you get more rounds since you don't have to wait for the boat to pick you up. I had a lot of trouble trying to stay up while Wenz was whizzing around the course trying to do a 180. Haha. It was still all fun, until we started feeling stinging sensations on our skin.


There weren't just a few small ones, but swarms of them. A few were quite sizeable, about the size of your palm. I saw the ski operators constantly walking to the lagoon to scoop out the jellyfish with their nets.

Other than that, I had quite a blast.

I'm having my revenge at a chinese restaurant soon. jellyfish on a cold dish. Mmm.

Wednesday, July 19

Yet another way to stress your kids out. Make them wear this shirt.

Tuesday, July 18

I Got My Cake


Monday, July 17

Where The Heart Is

After 5 movies, 3 sitcom episodes, and 2 meals, I'm home.

What an adventure. It feels like a 3 month dream.

The real fun begins this Sunday. =)

Saturday, July 15

The 24 hour Apple Store at 5th Avenue.


I like Central Park

Niketown NYC. 5 floors, everything Nike.

I want.

For a US$130, you can use your iPod nano to monitor your running performance. All with a Nike + chip in your shoe.

New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

NBA store on 5th Ave. Kevin Garnett, in Lego!

Wanna know how much a Michael Jordan autographed jersey costs?

Farmer's Market. Free samples! Woohoo!

Berry nice.

Where was this place when I was a kid?!!!

Game Boy Advances. Gotta Get 'Em All!

How well do you know your Nintendo?

Nerd heaven

Companions for a 4 hour bus ride

The famous revolving doors of Trump Tower. "YOU'RE FIRED!"

Macy's at 6th avenue. The biggest deparment store in the world. Think Taka times 4.

My budget poster for the new lunchtime show I'm hosting next term. Eh don't laugh. Not bad for 30mins of work using MS Paint. (I hope we don't use it though)

Homeward Bound

It's been fun roaming around New York by myself. No need to worry about keeping anyone waiting, and just taking my own time to do things.

Went to this really cool comic shop called Forbidden Planet (sounds dodgy eh). Comics for 25 cents! Checked out Nintendo World, bought some pies at the Farmer's Market @ Rockefeller Center, slacked around at Central Park, and then had my final look at Times Square while looking for dinner. It still amazes me- the sheer volume of people and the huge light displays. Stunning.

From these three months, I've taken away a much broader perspective of what's going on in the world. So many interesting conversations with friends from the US, Malaysia, Thailand, Columbia, Ecuador, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Korea, Taiwan, UK, Germany, etc.

When you compare what's going on in all these other countries, I just feel very blessed to call Singapore home.

Till Monday.

Thursday, July 13

What A Bargain!

So Charles and I were walking down the North End of Boston when a shabbily dressed man came up to us and made us an offer.

"Hey guys. I'll let you kick my a** for a buck"

It was tempting, but we declined.

Have you seen the trailer for this? OH MY GOSH. Can't wait for it.

Wednesday, July 12

It's Been Fun, But It's Time To Fly.

As I'm typing this, I'm sitting in the pantry of the hostel in Boston, watching a rerun of the Matrix on TV. Charles and I got back to the hostel early after a long day of walking the Freedom Trail, drooling at the food available at Quincy Market, and taking in Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox.

Before you read any further, thought I'd warn you, I'm in one of those reflective moods.

It's been a really eventful 3 months, and I really thank God for this whole US Work and Travel experience. The people I've met have been amazing, and have given me memories that I will cherish for a long time to come. My colleagues at Cedar Point, the wonderful loving folks at The Chapel, new Singaporean, Malaysian and Thai friends that I've made. I will miss them all dearly.

I may or may not see them ever again, but I'm glad our paths crossed.

Charles just left for the airport. He's leaving for Los Angeles today to take the connecting flight back to sunny Singapore. I'll be taking the Chinatown bus back to New York, where I'll spend another 2 nights by myself, before taking the SIA flight from JFK.

I'm quite ready to go home right now. There's so many pressing issues back home. Can't wait to spend time with my loved one/ones. =)

On top of that, there's the ASOC Camp, emceeing for Convocation, pre-recording for the new lunchtime radio show. I probably won't get started on any of those till I get a REAL break of doing nothing for about a week or two.

Next term's gonna get exciting.

Can't touch this.

Patriots on a cow. I don't get it.

Tuesday, July 11

Forza Italia.

Just to reiterate, these Italians are nuts.

From The N.Y.C. To The M.I.T.

Here we are! Boston!

Charles and I took the Chinatown bus at about 12 noon and arrived just after 4pm. We headed straight down to M.I.T. and Harvard. Amazing campuses. You'd think after you've seen one US college, you've seen them all. Wrong. The architecture and the and the amount of history at Harvard is overwhelming. MIT's buildings are pretty modern by comparison, and some of the buildings are downright quirky (see photos below).

Heading to downtown Boston tomorrow to check out the Freedom Trail.

Random note. I'm really broke right now.

Random note 2. We went by a bike shop today and I saw this really good road bike frame for 400US, which is a lot cheaper than in SG! Somebody, please hide my wallet.

Harvard is how chio.

Boston pics. Charles and I got in this afternoon after a 4 hour ride from NYC.

Dr. Seuss was here.

Charles, me and our old friend John Harvard.

Harvard Business School. Pity about the scaffolding

Ah Beng @ M.I.T.

Monday, July 10

How Do You Say "Headbutt" In French?

Really felt for Zidane and his sending off. That's seriously not the way for one of football's legends to ride off into the sunset. It's like Péle getting slapped in the face.

That said, Little Italy here in Downtown Manhatten went INSANE after their team won the world cup. Streets packed with people, strangers hugging each other, cars driving by with Italian flags hanging out, horns blaring away. It was one massive party. Even when Charles and I went down to Times Square to get some dinner, there were still Italian fans wearing their national flags as capes, screaming "Forza Italia" at the top of their lungs.

You'd never get such atmosphere back home. Goal 2014 maybe?

Saturday, July 8

Broadway Encore

Went to watch another Broadway musical with Charles today- Hairspray. I thought the dance routines and costumes were a lot better than The Producers, but in terms of story, plot, script and acting, Producers wins hands down. It was still quite an amazing spectacle though! The dance routines were timed to perfection, and the energy on stage was so contagious! I really enjoyed myself.

Went to the United Nations HQ for a tour. We toured the UN Security Council rooms, the Assembly Hall and got a better understanding of the UN and how it works. It's amazing how what happens in those meeting rooms will have huge implications on the world. I asked the tour guide how one can get a job at the UN, and she said you only have to apply online. Whether they accept you, that's another thing though. Haha.

Watched a New York Mets game, wandered around Wall Street, Rockefeller, Battery Park, and Times Square one more time with Charles, cos' there's just so much to take in.

Museum of Natural History tomorrow, and probably chill at Central Park, before meeting Charles for dinner at Chinatown.

New York's been great, but I really wish I could be in York right now. =/

Friday, July 7

Look out world. Here I come.

Shea stadium is huge.

Charles are you sure you want to be reading that?

Yes, I am happy.

Charles da man with DA MAN, SAMUEL L.!

Gettin' jiggy with Beyonc�

Borat loves Amerika.

Nicholas Cage and me. Madam Tussads got it right. Right down to the receding hairline.

New York Church of Scientology. We'd thought we'd pay Tom Cruise a visit.

Charles at Shea Stadium. If only so many people turned up at S-League matches.

Stand-up comedy at the New York Improv on 53rd Street. I've never heard so many Jewish jokes in my life.

Shea Stadium. Home of the New York Mets.

Wednesday, July 5

The Philly lads

The Fourth Of July

Independence Day in Philadelphia was massive.

The parades, the concert, the fireworks, the whole city, literally gathered in one area, in front of the Philly Art Museum. (Random note: The stairs for the Philadelphia Art Museum were used in the film "Rocky", where Sylvester Stallone had to run up before training for the big fight)

It could have been a better day if Germany beat Italy though. Charles and I were at a pub to watch the Germany-Italy semi-final with Gregor, our new German friend, along with Scott, Jim, and Rich whom are also staying at the Chamounix Mansion with us. They're from the UK. We decided we'd support Germany, firstly, since Gregor is German, and secondly, since the English hate Italians (and the French too, but that's another story).

Now I owe someone a meal. Better dig up some recipes eh? =p

Lionel Ritchie at the 4th of July Concert