Sunday, April 29

Exploring York and the EPL Weekend

Roamed around York on Friday with Apes. It really is an amazing town. The charm and the history make it quite a romantic place (April may beg to differ, since she's been studying here for a while!). Went to the York Minster, a huge Cathedral built in Victorian times, and walked to the city center through The Shambles, a series of crooked shophouses where they filmed some of the Harry Potter scenes.

Apes and I at The Shambles, York

Eat your heart out Leaning Tower of Pisa.

York Minster

Climbing York Minster

Apes then took me to one of the most famous tea cafes in the Northern England, Betty's. Classic English teas, fragrant buttery scones, and chocolate pancakes with vanilla ice cream. Ooh la la!

Tea at Betty's, the most atas teahouse ever. Seriously.

Two very satisfied customers of Betty's

Liverpool and Man Utd match tickets are always sold out 6 weeks in advance we're told, so April and I decided to go for one of the mid-table clubs. MANCHESTER CITY.

Went down to Manchester again to catch the Man City-Aston Villa Premiership match. The 2000 Villa fans, being the away team, were confined to a small area of the stadium, yet they outcheered the City supporters, which numbered close to 40000. Quite sad la the Man City spirit. Villa ended up winning 2-0, much to the dismay of the home crowd. Joey Barton missed a penalty for City as well, which pretty much summed up City's performance- CRAP! Nonetheless, it was still very enjoyable watching our first live EPL match. All for 31 pounds. Nice!

City of Manchester Stadium


The penalty that Joey Barton missed. D'oh!

Saturday, April 28

There's More To England Than London

It's been such an amazing week here in York. Don't know where to start! Really thankful to God for the opportunity to see what April's life in York is like. Managed to squeeze two day trips to Manchester and Liverpool on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. Visited Old Trafford, Anfield, bought tickets for Saturday's EPL match between Manchester City and Aston Villa, since Man U and Liverpool are both playing away this weekend. Hmm, a lot of our activities so far seem to revolve around football eh. Haha. Visited the Beatles museum in Liverpool and just walked around the two cities.

It's really surreal to be touring England with Apes. So different from the hectic school life I was living a few weeks ago. Truly a welcome break from hustle and bustle of Singapore. Have a lot to be thankful to God. For the financial means to travel (although I'll be super broke after this trip. D'oh!), and for better than expected results this term. Was so worried especially for Corp Reporting, and was just praying that it won't spoil my trip, but thank God that it turned out ok. Have to learn not to dwell on things so much. "Snap out of it" eh? =)

Leave you guys with some pictures!

The B of the Bang, Manchester. (Ahem. Photo by Apes)

Man Poo!

Old Trafford, Manchester

St George, Liverpool

Hanging with (the shirts of) Gerrard and Alonso, in the LFC Home Team changing room

The lengendary sign says it all


The Kop End of Anfield

5-time European Cup Winners, it's ours to keep!

The Beatles Story @ Albert Docks, Liverpool

The Fab Four

John Lennon's glasses

The original piano used in the music video for Lennon's 'Imagine'

Sunday, April 22


Just back from the SMUCF April Bible Retreat, and it was really a good time to learn about our response as slaves to righteousness, and just a good time to chill with the wacky CF folks. Will miss the graduating batch =(

Leaving for York with April tonight! Taking the Monday 2am flight to Manchester with a short transit in Dubai. Hope Emirates has good service. Hur hur.

Will be back on the 12th of May guys, till then, bon voyage! It's been a long term, and this break with April has been a long time coming.

Saturday, April 7

Oh My. It's Like Friendster All Over Again

It's 3 days to the exams.

Whatever you do guys, please do not get a Facebook account now. Definitely not a good idea.

Friday, April 6