Monday, November 29

Spanking New

I really like the simple uncluttered look on this template. Plus the fonts for the title is quite pleasing to the eye too.

But uh... you think this whole blog looks too elegant for a guy? Ha.

T-Minus 4 Days

The rain's not been letting up lately. Gotta pray HARD. If you're going for ZoukOut, and happen to pass by the Palawan Beach campsite, do drop by to say hi. =)

Saturday, November 27

Ride On!

Jeremy and I finally went down to BBDC today to sign up for our moto licenses.

It was damn funny, cos' before we decided to sign up, we were taking turns to have doubts and reassuring each other on how we had to do this. I think my comment on how motocyclists were "organ donors on wheels" sorta made him think twice for a while. Haha. But seriously, we promised each other we'd ride safe and not do anything stupid, cos' if anything happened to Jem, I wld feel super responsible and vice versa, since we sorta talked each other into doing this.

Guess learning to ride is a good skill to have la, and this is probably the only time I'll be able to do it. So since I've got the time+money, I'm going for it! It's definately a lot cheaper than getting a car. We calculated and figured that we shouldn't spend more than 500 bucks...If we pass first time. And we can get a decent bike for 2000 + buckeroos.

Man, I can't wait to get started. Vroom Vroom!

Friday, November 26

Small World Ain't It

So I went to Tekong this morning, and the heavens opened up about an hour before we boarded the fast craft. Which meant that there wasn't likely to be much filming. Even if the rain stopped, the footage we would get would be very gloomy and dull, not what you want for a corporate video.

Anyway, Chin Chuo, Yoga and me still went to meet up with the Alpha guys on the island. Have to show face la. The Alpha cadets were in the training shed near the BMTC school 2 SOC ground, so we got them to re-enact a scene with the head cadet giving a briefing.

The cadet I asked to act as the commander turned out to be my ex classmate back in primary school , David Choo. Ha. I never knew what had become of him until today. Was surprised he recognized me as well.

We wrapped up filming at 11am, and left the island by then. No point staying cos' the rain wasn't getting any better.

Caught The Incredibles with Yoga at Tampines Mall in the afternoon! Awesome! The middle part was a tad bit draggy, but on the whole I thoroughly enjoyed it! I want to have super powers too! I'd be able to fly and crush evil villians with my ability to burp shockwaves. BLEARRGHHHHHHHH!!!!

Well, fine. Do you have a better childhood fantasy? I'm just weird.

It's Tekong Time!

Yes, going back to that sunny island "in the Eastern part of Singgg-gar-pore!" later. (All you army guys out there sing along!)

Gotta do some filming for the corporate video project I'm handling. When you think about it, it really doesn't seem to be worth the effort to go all the way to Tekong, and film the cadets. After all, we'll probably only need about 30 secs of the footage in the end. Ahh well, can't imagine what it must be like to be a real Hollywood director. There must be hours and hours of footage that end up on the editing room's floor.

Just came back from Ellie's with the PUNJ guys. I only ate a few seeds of durians, but my throat's a bit sore. Garrrh!!!

Wednesday, November 24

Love. Angel_Music_Baby

I just picked up Gwen Stefani's new album. Funky stuff I say.

"Watcha waitin' watcha waitin watcha waitin for?!"

Tuesday, November 23


Sometimes, being nice just isn't good enough. Sometimes, being too nice can be annoying to others. Sometimes, I wonder why I even bother trying. Dammit.

Monday, November 22

Farewell Oh Fudge

Ah Eric. You really did it. Will miss reading your many insightful and sometimes irrelevent posts. Will you not reconsider not shutting it down? Here's to you my friend.

Sunday, November 21

If You're Not Happy Being Single, You're Not Ready For Marriage

So Pastor Chris was speaking in his second sermon on in the series on sex. That's when he made that quote. He was saying that a lot of people get into relationships thinking that their other half would fill the insecurities that they feel. And the danger in this is that so often, that void doesn't get filled, and very often, the insecurity carries on into a marriage. In the end, it could lead in the eventual breakdown in marriage.

Speaking of reationships, I spent a lot of time brooding in the last few months after the break up, cos' all of a sudden, i found myself with too much time and no one to spend it with. But I really thank God for showing me that this time could be spent on the people I've neglected all this while. Family, friends, and even myself. I've probably grown more spirtually in the past few months than I have in my whole JC life and that probably would not have been possible if I didn't have more time for myself. I still have a lot to learn though.

It's probably a coincidence, but for some strange reason, I've got a lot of friends who are either heartbroken or lovesick, and yes most of them are in NS now.

Guess I wanna encourage all those that feeling low cos of some relationship problems that, although your heart tells you that you've gotta be with someone, don't rush into a relationship because you feel a void in your life. Instead, enjoy your freedom as a single and use this time to build yourself up as an individual, in your spiritual life, learn new skills, go out with all those friends you always wanted to catch up with.

God really wants the best for us, so don't sweat it man! He will provide.

Thursday, November 18

Note To Self

Cycling home from work at 40km/h in singlet and shorts during a torrential downpour is never a good idea. Almost died of hypothermia, if not for the heat given off by the buses and trucks on the roads.

Taboo @ Mark's

So a few of the PUNJ guys spent the night at Mark's place for sandwiches and several very entertaining rounds of Taboo. Heh. You know Taboo right? It's something like the Pyramid Game where you're given a word and have to describe it for your teammates, only this time they give you a list of 5 words you can't use. For example, in describing the word "birthday", you have to avoid using the words, "cake", "year", "born", "celebrate" and "candles".

Daniel kept saying "sausages" even before his teammates started describing the word, in the hope that he might have gotten lucky. Haha. Coincindentaly, it was one of the words we played for later!

Was fun guys!

Wednesday, November 17

Ben (in pain) VS. Shi Hao. Ouch.

Me Wenzheng. Me show no mercy.

Suhaimi VS. Suhaimi

Tuesday, November 16

Ahh Yes. Those were the days.

Finally figured out how to add links to other blogs. Swakoo me.

Check it!

Back to work, after a long holiday for most. Deepa-raya some people would call it.

Anyway I'm suppose to go down to BBDC later to sign up for Motocycle lessons with Jeremy and Jerald. My mom is really worried, but i figured it's a skill that's good to have. Reassured her that just because I want the license doesn't mean I'll get a bike (no not bicycle).

Saw an accident yesterday night on my way to pick up Corinne. Two motocycles collided in the middle of a cross junction. Is God trying to tell me something? Gulp.

Monday, November 15

Clockwise from left: Yuting, Huipei, Kelly, Muah, Han, Siang, Jumpy

Santa looks on in amusement.

You're 20!

Happy Birthday Siang!

Was an enjoyable evening at Plaza Sing Cafe Cartel. Though the food came like an hour late (grrr...good thing no service charge), the company and the chit chat made the 3 hours we spent there breeze by.

Tse Siang (da birthday boy!), Kelly, Huipei, Yuting, Yuan Wei and Yihan were great fun. I dunno how it came about, but started talking about uni, and meeting pple and how marriage is like quite a reality for us in the next 10 years or so. It's scary. I'm don't have a committment phobia, but i'm like, whoa...slow down man!

From the past 2 years, I've definately gotten a better picture of what I would like in a spouse. I can't say I've found anyone yet who matches the description perfectly. Some are close though. You know...I've really got to learn to stop taking things into my own hands and let God guide me.

Selemat Hari Raya to my Muslim friends. Respeckt for fasting guys.Fazly, you're crazy to play soccer with us while fasting man... More respeckt for the holiday tomorrow. haha... Soccer at Clementi! Yeah!

Saturday, November 13

Well I think I've pretty much decided on SMU.

The only thing that can change my decision is if NTU decides to give me Comm Studies next year. The guys at SMU actually bothered to hold a get together session for the NS guys, so I went down this afternoon. Bumped into so many people. Andrew, Vince Ha, Lloyd, Daniel Huang, Yan Hui, Steve Lau, Maurice (who gave me a ride out, thanks man!), and Casimir.

So they had talks from the various faculty deans, updating us on what the new developments in the school were. But before the deans spoke, they had this sexy hip hop dance to the tune of Britney's "Me against the Music". Quite good la, the girls actually looked really good pulling off those moves, so well done! And then they had this Stomp like percussion item, which was quite impressive also. In the words of Edwin, "There's so much eye candy here in SMU!" Haha. Well yeah, gotta admit the girls are quite hot.

The MC then came up to me and asked which item I prefered infront of everyone. The drums or the dance. Haha...well...we're all guys right. The funny thing was that the dance girls were all wearing black tank tops with all the Army paraphernalia. The guys in the audience were going like, " Look man! That one is Ranger trained!" or "Wah she got airborne sia!"

They really went out of their way to make us feel uh...welcomed.

Also found out that SMU Acct has more modules than NTU Acct, like Leadership & Team Building, Ethics and Social Responsibilities, Creative Thinking, etc. It's good and all, and I'm really hoping for subjects other than the Acct core. While NTU finishes faster in 3 years, you can actually finish the SMU course in the same time if you choose to. But honestly, I'm in no hurry to go into the working world. If you retire at 65, I doubt 1 year will make much of a difference.

A very fruitful session, I think I got an even clearer picture on what SMU would be like. The students actually say it's quite stressful sometimes, but when they look back, all that they learnt was quite useful and practical. Talked to a few profs and students. It looks promising. I can't wait to get started.

Wednesday, November 10

Don't you just hate it when you've finished PT, only to realise that you've forgot to bring the one most important thing? Fresh underwear. ARGHHHHH!

Just came home from Albert's

A night of good company, pizza, ice-cream, and Shawshank Redemption (which I've NEVER watched). It's really an awesome film. Someone give Morgan Freeman an Oscar! Or did they already?

Sunday, November 7

Wanna watch the best suspense thriller out now? Go and watch SAW! Brilliant! (although a tad bit gory).

Ikea Ikea Ikea!

Went down yesterday and this afternoon to get some stuff for my room. Have finally decided that should really take more pride in taking care of my room. Previously, my army stuff was lying in a corner, a whole box of old video tapes was plopped right in the middle of my floorspace, and on top of it were old exam papers back from when I was in AC (I)! 4 years worth of Chem and Geog notes collecting dust.

Took 2 hours last night to spruce up the place, and I'm still not done! If I could keep my bunk spick and span during my OCS days, I don't see why I can't do it at home. Well OK, so there's no chance of me getting confined or "knocked down" at home. But hey, I know I have the discipline!

Anyway thanks Ellie. Was great going shopping with ya. For CD's and stuff...heh.

I picked up a CD by Kings of Convenience. Introduced to me by John. They're this Norwegian duo who do great acoustic tunes. No frills, just simple guitar, vocals, and basic beats. Lyrics are quite meaningful too.

Donated blood in Church today. Chun Kiat buay song me cos' I didn't wanna donate in camp instead. As a result, he's gotta find more pple to meet his quota. HAHA...

Gonna be a short week with Deepavali coming up on Thursday, and Hari Raya on Monday. Ah public holidays... Another reason to celebrate our multi-cultural society.

Friday, November 5

While I did pray for good weather, think God felt the plants needed more watering today. Haha.

So I was drenched to the skin, but thank God the camera stayed dry. Expensive stuff that camera. Abt 5000 bucks. We still managed to get the shots we need. Got dramatic footage of the cadets in the assault boats, hitting the shore and then carrying on a simulated assault, ala the Omaha Beach scene in Saving Private Ryan. Well, OK so it wasn't exactly as dramatic, the cadets were a bit sloppy in their movement. D'oh!

Because of the rain, Mr Yip (the cameraman) and I were stuck on Coney Island for an hour or so. Coney Island's somewhere in between Mainland S'pore and Ubin in case you're wondering. Mr Yip gave me a ride to Kovan after filming, and I roamed arnd a bit. Never really seen the North East.

Thursday, November 4

"~California here we come...right back where we started from...~"

Man I really hate to admit it, but the O.C. is really addictive to watch... Only on TV do you get Moms looking as young as their daughters. Except for Rachael Hunter's case maybe.

Anyway went for drum lessons @ PS just now. I misplaced my Drum book...probably left it in church...sigh. Hope it's still there. Can't believe I bought the Queer Eye for a Straight Guy book at Times just now. 50 bucks! But there're some really good recipes and uh...other manly stuff in there.

Going Seletar Camp to film cadets doing their Coastal Navex. Really pray for good weather, otherwise the seas will be choppy, which will make it hard for the cameraman to keep still. Judging from the past few days, I'm gonna need a LOT of prayer. Gulp.

I really should go KTV more often! SO THERAPEUTIC!

Heh heh. Had a good time singing along tonight with Danny, Audrey, Sarah, Mark, Yuming and Elliot. Tra la la~!