Tuesday, August 31

I really wanna go uni. LIKE NOW.

i need to meet new pple. I want a new start. A fresh start. I can't wait to get out of green. Sure, I can't ask for a better job in the SAF right now, but still, HELL I WANT OUT. As my boss would say, "As an officer you have to motivate YOURSELF Gabriel." Maybe so. But it's tough sometimes. It was a lot easier when I was a cadet. Had so many friends to talk sh** about and we would just spur each other on. Not anymore.

Friday, August 27

Yeah. I am insecure. But can you really blame me for feeling that way? I have feelings. I can't just cut them off like a robot can I ? As much as I try to focus on nurturing my own life, it's always at the back of my mind. I can't shake it.

I should have told them I had the problem for a week.

Went to NUH to get the chalazion (pimple in yer eye) removed, cos the Medical officer in OCS didn't have the proper equipment to perform an incision. So i was refered to NUH to get it done yesterday afternoon.

I went through the whole check up procedure, only to be given the SAME medicine that the doctor in OCS had given me! Sheesh! They said since I've only had it for 2-3 days it's deemed not serious yet. They'll usually do it if a week has passed and it's still there. WHAT THE! I wonder if it has to do with the fact that I don't pay anything for the checkup. SAF does since they refered me there. Sigh. It's pretty annoying cos' my vision is kinda blocked by this weird growth coming out of my eyelids.

After drums at Plaza Sing, I popped by Times to browse through books. Bought the paperback version of THE DA VINCI CODE. Everyone seems to be reading it. Bought it to se what all the hype's about. And I must say, from the first few chapters, I'm hooked! About a mysterious murder and links to cults and how it's linked to an ancient secret society which Da Vinci was in. Interesting stuff. Someone told me Jesus comes into the picture later, but I'm not sure how. Oh well, READ ON!

Eugene, Zeng Jia, KeZ and I are planning some overnight cycling thing sometime next week. Probably start from East Coast, ride up to Changi, back down to Orchard and back to ECP again. That's the plan drawn up by Eug! haha. Hope all these plans materialise. Dunno if can take leave next Friday or not.

Wednesday, August 25

Pimple in my eye.

The doctor calls it cha...something. It's making my left eye feel all swollen and it really sucks cos' i wanna pop e pimple but i can't get to it cos it's on the inner wall of my eye socket! AHHHH!!!

Chief of Army coming down to OCS tomorrow. All officers and a few cadets will be having a run with him. But my main concern right now is how to POP THIS DAMN PIMPLE! ARGH!

Tuesday, August 24

Hello all! Decided to put up some photos to give my oh-so-plain blog some...colour? Ah well. Enjoy. Will put up more soon.


It's a lot easier to come to work when you've got a nice view to greet you in office.

My humble desk.

Anger Management. Zhijie shows the mouse who's boss, while my foot comes in for the kill

Monday, August 23

It's been a while. Any updates?

Tekong Challenge concluded last wednesday. I didn't run in the end as I was the reserve. Goes to show what my place in the team is. Ha. But there are a lot more abled runners in the team than me. Esp the cadets. We got 2nd and 4th. A very controversial result cos' it turns out the route marshallers on the 28 km event pointed a few of our runners in the WRONG direction, leading to some of our runners to come back late. If they were pointed in the correct direction, we would have won, no doubt about it. However their argument was that we SHOULD have known the route anyway as runners. Yeah right. I'm sure you'll be clear headed enough to know where you're going while when crossing 28km of hilly and rugged terrain. Tekong's a maze! Oh well.

Ended up going Sentosa on Fri for AHM Team Cohesion. Bumped into Shu and Alex at CIne in the afternoon. Shu claims I didn't recognize Alex BUT I DID k...and I DID say Hi. So there.

Sat morning spent cycling. Popped over at Corinne's, much to her 'surprise'. PUNJ in the afternoon, and then I had a memorable dinner with Kez, Zeng Jia, and Eugene " the milkman" Nai. Twohill, Tianyou, and Elvin hapened to join us. It was really good to see them.

Sunday was spent at YZ. I set out slightly earlier as I cycled down to church. It's about 10km from Hillview to Queenstown. Managable. But that hilly stretch at Clementi Road is a killer! I took a group during the discusion. The topic was on Evangelism, and we were given an article. With no prep before hand, it was very convenient that my BS group happen to touch on this topic. So in my limited knowledge, I quoted the Great Commission, the last Chapter of Matthew, to the guys. Basically, it says that as a Christian, it's not good enough to just except Christ and come to church every Sunday. We have to be active and "make diciples of all nations". In other words, we gotta share the Word with our friends and loved ones. It's something a lot of Christians struggle with. Why? Fear of rejection. Fear of ridicule. Afraid that we're not worthy. Fear that we won't be able to answer questions satisfactory. All of which I experience. Hopefully, as time goes by, these worries will not be an issue.

Helped Mingbao with some filming at Ngee Ann Poly on Sunday night. I'm playing a small role, as a CISCO guard! HA HA! Elliot's the leading man! Weird, cos he has to speak some Chinese! Filming again on Tues night at Tanjong Pagar.

Monday. CJC came down to visit. So I went about accompanying the groups. My role was to assess how this new "S-cube Seminar" ,as they call it, works. Gotta give feedback to my Maam. Response has been good, as the JC peeps get to experience a bit of life in OCS. They got to see SAFTI, and witness close combat, pugil stick fighting, what combat rations tastes like, how to kill a quail for survival (which, you can imagine, made a few ladies squeamish), cadet accomodation, etc. Very fruitful. The only bad point is that the cadets don't have much of a take-away from this experience, apart from showing off what they learnt to the crowd. RJC coming this Wed.

Should be interesting.

Thursday, August 12

I passed I passed I passed!

Thank you LORD! The weather was perfect, the traffic was pretty easy going, my tester was very nice! My legs were trembling like mad! But he said it was normal to be nervous and that I could drive reasonably well. HALLELUJAH!!!

Wednesday, August 11

So we'll have a new Prime Minister tomorrow.

I could get my driver's license tomorrow.

I've gotta make a presentation in front of Commander OCS and all the senior commanders tomorrow.

OK so us having a new PM has not much connection to me, but it be cool if I could get the license the same the Lee Hsien Loong gets sworn in. It be a lot easier to remember the date too!

Today's revision was a big wake up call. I stalled so many times! Weird, cos' it's been a while since I've stalled so much in one lesson. Guess I got pre-test jitters. Anyway, even if I don't get the license, I really can't afford to let my mood get affected during the presentation to Commander OCS. Gulp. So hopefully if anything happens, I'll be professional about it.

Monday, August 9


A very happy National Day to one and all. And as much as I enjoyed the National Day parade from the comfort of John's living room, the highlight of the night had to be the first episode of Singapore Idol! Haha... Already, there are a few instant celebrities... Can anyone say...Lemon Tree? weird what some people will do for their 15s of fame. how bout the eyebrow plucker who stripped down to hi underwear just for publicity? IT'S SHAMELESS! IT'S ENTERTAINMENT!

Check out his website!


HAHA...good stuff.

Basketball with John and gang in e morning. Then joined Terence and Vince for street soccer in the afternoon. It was scorching! I'm pretty sunburnt right now. During lunch I popped by Queensway to buy a pair of nike shades. Is $240 too ex? Ha. It came with lenses for day and night cycling. Usually when you cycle fast, the wind and all sorts of weird stuff gets in your eye. I always end up with sore eyes and wake up with a lot of "mak sai" in my eye the next morning! Hence, the need for eye protection. Well, I dun splurge on myself very often, so that justifies my purchase!

It was great to see Shu on Saturday. Miss ya lots bab...err, hunk.

Legs still very sore from Saturday morning's 22km run. Even more so with all the sports today...but it was fun! Heh... Driving Test in 3 DAYS! ARGH!

Most irritating song of all time: Ninja (Ren Ze) by Jay Chou. WHO COMPOSES THIS CRAP?!

Thursday, August 5

Went to NUS yesterday to visit Twohill.

Good to catch up with da man. He seems to be settling into Eusoff Hall quite nicely. All of a sudden I realised that I'd be missing ou on hall life if I went SMU! Well I guess I could live with that since the new campus will be smack in the middle of Dhoby Ghaut.

Anyway House of Flying Daggers has some awesome cinematography. Heh. Watched it with ****** at ******** Mall. Too dangerous to put up details here. Let's just say we didn't intend to catch it but circumstances forced us to. Haha.

Staying in office now...parade tomorrow. Better rest up! Nite peeps.

Wednesday, August 4

My legs feel like jelly.

This morning's 15km run was excruciating...sometimes I really wonder why I put myself through AHM training. Then in the afternoon, I realised why. COL Jasvant was looking for instructors to go up to Brunei to help out with the cadets, as there's currently a shortage of instructors at wingline. The requirement is that you have to pass the Jungle Confidence Course (JCC) to accompany the cadets. For some strange reason, Jeremy and I are the only officers in ME Team who passed JCC, and COL J wanted 2 instructors from our branch. Maam came up with some reason for Jeremy, and I thought I was going for sure! That is, until I realised AHM takes place during the 3 week Brunei stint!

It takes priority over everything else so I was saved! PHEW! Well actually it's a lot more slack going up as an instuctor, but I know I'll just die of BOREDOM if I go Brunei... Thank God man...

This entry's coming from my office. Staying in as got some pool training for AHM early tmr morning. Joel says it's water polo. Hope I'll be able keep afloat, cos' my legs still feel like jelly.

Sunday, August 1

Thank you God!

The True Heart's event on Saturday went very smoothly, and I got to meet Ms Elim Chew. She's the founder and managing director of 77th street. Such a dynamic lady! She related to us how she actually started out as a hairdresser after studying hairdressing in London. She brought back some cool bracelets back to S'pore, and her clients paid her lots for it. And thats how her business started out. Now she's got at least 10 shops in S'pore, and she's expanding to China! Amazing stuff. More importantly, she challenged all of us to seize the opportunities around us and urge us to always over-deliver in whatever we do.

Strangely, she said that I looked familiar. Well...I am quite a common face i guess. Heh. She even encouraged Kezheng and I to start some events company, with me being the MC and Kez as the manager! haha. Apparently, you can make quite a lot for just one night of MCing. a 1000 a night if you're good!

For today, I had Bible study in True Way, after service in Adam Rd. Yee Lin asked if I could help out for the YZ camp in December and I said I would! It's time I gave something back...

Soccer at S'pore Poly in the late afternoon. The rain caused play to be disrupted in the 2nd half, so the match ended 2-1 in the other side's favour...but as some of our optimistic guys said, " Well at least we won the 2nd half 1-0!" Haha. nice. We could have played more if the referee wasn't late! Sheesh.

Back to work tomorrow. This weekend was truly meaningful. =)